Things you can do with Ola Money

8 Things you can do with Ola Money

November 9, 2017
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8 Things you can do with Ola Money

Things you can do with Ola Money – Ola is the most popular mobile transportation app in India. It caters to different cities in India
and is proven to have the best service in the transportation field because of its transparency,
convenience and quick services to customers. It serves up to more than 100 cities in India. But
every business is expected to grow, not to be stuck. A developed business cannot be called a
successful one when it only revolves in one kind of service. There should be a variety of
services. That’s why; Ola has widened its horizons. It has spread its wings and widens its eyes
to see what clients really need these days.

Have you heard about Ola Money? Ola used to be just a cab service before, but now, their
services have expanded beyond cab services and Ola money has come into existence.
Ola money is another way to a cashless world. There are many online systems now to pay bills
but Ola money is another one in the row that has unique terms and specialities. This is actually
powered by Zipcash and is famous in India. Like other online systems, Things you can do with Ola Money one can use Ola money
to pay for everything like shopping online, paying bills and insurances and even sending and
receiving money. But what’s amazing about this is that cab fares are included, too!
Now, here are 8 Things you can do with Ola Money:
1. Hailing a cab is of course first on the list. People can avoid longer minutes or even hours of
waiting for a cab to fetch and take them to their desired locations.
2. One can use Ola money to pay for phone bills. It also recharges phones and even pays gas
bills. One can avoid long queues by using Ola money to pay bills.
3. People can play games with Ola play. Other than just sitting in the cab or taxi, waiting for
the destination, they can entertain themselves by Ola play app. Many entertainments have
been designed for passenger’s enjoyment.
4. Aside from hailing a cab, people can rent a car with Ola money. What’s awesome is that
they can have the best and safe cars to ride on.
5. Individuals can transfer money and pay at shops with Ola money. Like what has been
mentioned earlier, one can use Ola money to send and receive money. Transferring funds will
never be a hassle now as Ola money makes it easier for everyone. Paying at shops is also made
easier and faster.
6. Another wonderful thing is that people can get shuttle services with Ola money. Not just
cabs or taxis but the shuttle, too! One just needs to download the app and start using shuttle
7. With Ola money, users can also for your hotel reservations. They can avoid the hassle that
is sometimes experienced in paying hotel bills and reservations.
8. One can book flights with Ola money. Ola money is not left behind like other online system
programs. Now that people are catching up for travels, Ola money is the answer to easy and
faster flight bookings.
Ola money is making it easier for customers who are experiencing hassle in their day to day
experience. Nobody wants to fall in long lines to wait for his turn in transactions. Nobody
wants longer queues. Nobody wants to be kept waiting. With Ola money, people can save costs
in going to shops and centres to pay your bills. Other than that, it can help to save time.


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