Best 10 small scale business

Best 10 Small Scale Business Ideas with low investment

July 9, 2017
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Best 10 Small Scale Business Ideas with low investment

Small scale businesses are trending in the present generation as more and more people are choosing to follow their dreams and start something rather than work under someone. Most small scale businesses start with minimal investment and grow over the future.  However, finalizing on an idea for a small scale business can be a tough task. Therefore, here is a list of Best 10 Small Scale Business Ideas to make your tasks easier.


This is one of the most needful businesses for the selling of different goods that humans need on a daily basis. This is a profitable and no loss business as grocery is the daily basic need for all humans. A grocery business helps in getting more profits compared to other small scale businesses.

Coaching Center:

Nowadays students preparing for the competitive exams need some guidance for the preparation, hence they go in search of coaching centers. These coaching centers can also be considered as small scale businesses which help in spreading knowledge and train student to become adept in clearing examinations. It is an evergreen low-cost investment business with higher profits.

Mechanical/electrical Works:

Development of present generation technologies requires many mechanical and electrical goods. Therefore, establishment of a garage for servicing of vehicles or sale of any electrical goods finds profit in present times. Although, the business involves some amount of investment yet the profit accrued is always higher.


A consultancy firm includes agents who help people in the search of jobs or any necessary things. A consultancy works to reduce people’s work woes and involves zero investment with higher profits.

The best example of a consultancy service is TATA in India. 

Real Estate Agency is one of the Best 10 Small Scale Business Ideas:

The Cost of land keeps increasing everyday and people are unable to find one that satisfies their needs. This is where real estate agents can pitch in as helpers to search for the best deals. Thus, real estate can be termed as a small scale business which can be started at any time without any investments. 


If an individual is passionate about clicking photos they can start a business of taking photographs. This business has a wide range of possibilities so it helps in getting more profits. The only investment required is more the camera, which can reach break-even very fast. This business includes bonding with different companies for taking their company work photos as selling samples of the pictures can also bring profit. 

Tour agencies:

A person going on a tour doesn’t generally have an idea of where to start with. Thus, starting a business of tour agencies which includes packages for particular tourist places can serve as a great idea for a start-up. A tour/travel agency helps in getting more profit with less investment as compared to other businesses.

Food Court:

Food is something that all humans need. People not only go for home foods but some of them love fast food as well. Food Court is the small scale business idea which helps to earn the profit equal to the investment. Starting off a food business can become an evergreen on by maintaining the quality of the food. The taste and quality of the food defines more profit for the business. 

Home Decorations:

Home decorations which include furniture glassware etc.  is the best small scale business which helps in earning profits. As the population increases the construction of houses also increases and a small scale business for interior decorations helps people. This decoration involves creativity so there is no need of investing on costly items as one can bring in profits by just using their creativity.

Wedding planner:

Wedding Planners is also one among the Best 10 Small Scale Business Ideas. However, it involves more networks for earning profits. The present generation weddings run on the hands of the planners, so this is the more profitable business with less investment.

Not only are certain small scale businesses making profit earning easier but also provide people to give life to their ideas. The only thing to remember in the small scale business sector is that it should be of low investment and should include more profit to make them successful.

What is the wait for? Go, start bringing your ideas to the world now.

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