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Story of The Happy Globe Vision Foundation which aims to promote mental health awareness

February 10, 2017
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Ajay Singh Rathore is a lawyer turned entrepreneur currently working on his newest venture – The Happy Globe Vision Foundation. Ajay describes Happy Globe as “a visionary social movement which aims to reach 4 million youngsters in 2017 to spread happiness and promote mental health awareness.” He wants to focus on “building an unprecedented everlasting relationship with the community, for creating a better world focused on our visionary cause.” The Foundation is currently associated with around 400 associates and partners.

“I believe that most of the brilliant ideas remain ideas and do not come into existence due to lack of execution. Thus, I believe in executing my ideas.”

I started my own Arts and Entertainment Company known as “ART 10” which functions from Jaipur to Chandigarh, covering most of the locations on the way including Delhi NCR. I believe in promoting new ideas, innovation and giving people a platform to showcase their ideas and talents. Additionally, I have been inclined towards sports and athletics since I was a kid. Playing sports has taught me teamwork and leadership which has helped me all through my life.

I used to organize a lot of events and when I came home one night extremely exhausted, I asked myself, “Is this what I want to do my entire life? Do I want to spend my time and energy on this? Would I like to belong to something bigger?” and that was when it struck me that I should combine my two passions, my organizing ability and my wish to spread positive vibes.


The stigma associated with mental health arises out of the false perception that people have regarding mental health. Society generally does not heed to signals of mental turmoil and if someone feels themselves slipping into depression they thus do not share it with their loved ones, if they do their family tells them to “stay strong” and “punch through” when what they want is a simple reassurance that “life will get better and it is you who has the key to make it better”. People always perceive that mental health is a hoax when it is a significant bane that thrives on destroying lives and it is bolstered by our ignorance. In the recent Shah Rukh Khan’s movie “Dear Zindagi”, we see the perfect example of how mental turmoil tends to affect one’s life and how imperative it is to deal with it.

My mantra: “Constraints in life only exist when you yourself believe they are there, you take it out of the equation and you end up as free as a bird with the potential to reach your zenith”.

In small towns where the education and exposure to ideas of mental health is significantly lower as compared to huge metropolitans and where many of the long prevalent taboos persist, the conditions are well created for this taboo to thrive. However, due to the constant fight for subsistence, the person is deprived of even the most basic time to think about himself let alone his mental health. While in cities a person has abundance of time to go over his mental status and therefore if they do feel themselves hitting rock bottom they are aware of their status. Herein, lies the main difference between the two scenarios.

We think a lot about our Physical Health but never give a thought to our Mental Health. The key to a healthy body is a healthy mind. And the way to always sustain a healthy mind is by being happy. Being happy does not require completing colossal task but performing simple activities like listening to music, talking to friends or watching “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. Anything that makes one Smile/Laugh.

My family and my Happy Globe team are my biggest supporters and true inspiration for this initiative. Everyone in my family is a government official and when I decided to diverge from this trend I had their utmost support. They provide me with all the emotional support and backing which is imperative for me to undertake this journey on this long path. My teammates who never cease to amaze me with their understanding and hard work.

At the initial stage, I was a little apprehensive but Gradually learning from my mistakes made me stronger and thus, I have always believed that true conviction comes when there is clarity and no hesitation.

Being an entrepreneur is not difficult but is not even that easy. And at this stage of entrepreneurship, I still learn from people. It is my team which has helped me uplift my own skills. But the greatest thing that I learnt is that it is the people that you work with that can make or break any organization, when people are motivated they feel the urge to go one step beyond what is asked of them and when it is the contrary the results are never satisfactory and I find it as a great blessing that so far all the people that I have had the pleasure to work with are optimistic and are passionate about our initiative.

My future plans for Happy Globe is to raise it to an international pedestal. I believe that our cause is just and one that many people, not just in India but all over the world, can relate to. I want it to be a global phenomenon and that is why we are Happy Globe, because we want to spread smiles and happiness to people all over the globe. Our growth has so far been exponential and if we stay on track I believe that the day is not too far when this goal will be at arm’s reach. Another one of my goals is to create a network of NGO’s so that we all can collaborate and work on projects together, after all as it is rightly said “alone we can do so little but together we can do so much”.



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