Work as an affiliate

Work as an affiliate

August 28, 2017
Erik Svensson

Everybody dreams of easy money, could the affiliate business be the way I have been working in the online market world for 6 years now. And one day I started to feel behind in the SEO department. So I thought to myself the best way to lift my skill level would be to start working where there is high competition. I soon realized that the affiliate market for online casinos in Sweden, where the highest competition.

So this is my process how to become an affiliate and learn SEO on the way!

First, I designed a draft for my website and check the competition. Luckily I have some colleagues in the casino world who gave good input. After the draft and research face was done. I started to finalize the basic content and design. Then the coding phase started with SEO as a base of everything. I worked with a premium account on Yoast to get a better overview of the process. As a CMS I chose to work with WordPress and I developed my own theme and custom functions.

Contacting the affiliate programs

When I had my site up in a beta mode I started to approach the casinos that I would like to work with. Naturally most declined at an early stage, but as the site progressed with more contest more and more started to approved my wishes. When I had five casinos to work with I decided to launch the site and closely monitoring its progress with analytics.

Writing SEO content

I soon realized that everything would be faster and more fun if i included a partner. Luckily i found that one of my friends were keen to get involved within the site.
We started to write content together and also made all the social channels live, facebook, twitter etc. Soon we started to get traffic to the site.
We always write content with these rules, CONTENT CONTENT and CONTENT.
If the content is interesting and solid for the site´s visitors they will come back.


My advice is to keep it simple and have one or two keywords for each page. The reason is that it is easy to implement these words without destroying the content. Also always use alt description for your images and make sure that the keyword is the same as for the page.

Keeping track of your positions

A lot of people would argue that all you need is Google Analytics and Search Console.
These are of course extremely important. But we wouldn’t be able to have success without and


Well, you have your content up and all your affiliates programs in motion. What now?

Backlinks are the magic key for keyword top position. Create backlinks if you want people to find you. There are tons of ways of doing this the simplest way is to google the subject and find the way that works for you.

Google AdWords for driving traffic?

Well, this is a tricky one. In Sweden, there is no easy way to do this. Normally you can’t. But if you register your company in Malta and then apply for a google business account, there might be a work around. But that´s another story altogether.

If you feel that this could be something for you, best of luck und make sure you have a lot of patience and time on your hands.

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Erik Svensson

I am a webb developer at Casinobranschen, my passion is within the on-line gaming.

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