10 Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

10 Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks- The dictionary meaning of cold calling is making an unsolicited visit or telephone call to a potential customer, in an attempt to sell goods or services. Cold calling is traditionally described as an early stage in the selling process. Moreover these days, cold calling can also refer to calling on the prospective customer face-to-face for the first time without any prior appointment at commercial establishment or households. Cold calling is the source of telemarketing also known as canvassing/telephone canvassing or prospecting/telephone prospecting. This also includes the case of consumer door-to-door selling as door-knocking. Generally, Cold calling is an important stage and technique of the selling process. Cold calling abilities are not only useful in business aspect but also in many other aspects of work communications outside of sales activities and the selling function. Here are some Cold Calling Tips and Tricks-

The Extensive Potential of Cold Calling- Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

Although people say that cold calling is dead but there is much business relying on it to drive revenue. From companies like Uber, Twitter to Fortune 500 companies or high-growth startups, all have sales representatives enthusiastically dialling numbers day in and day out. If done appropriately it can be a source of both personal success and business success.

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks- Cold calling is unique:

  • Able to positions you in a crucial vital role
  • The key to new fresh opportunities in business or anything else.
  • Make people capable of empowered to define, determine and take control of their own future.

Top Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks – Like any marketing method, always make a plan before you make that introductory call. Always have a targeted list of prospects before making your calls. If your product says, vehicle insurance, it is useless making random neighbourhood calls if you have no knowledge of the number of cars in the household or whether there is a car or vehicle at disposal. Rather get the right list of prospects.

1. Know your potential customer

The first step is to know your potential customer. Like what is the income level, a number of household wage earners, or number of children etc. one of the easiest ways of gathering information is by searching on the internet.

2. Prepare mentally

Next, comes preparing yourself mentally before making the call. Like choosing the language you’re comfortable in otherwise the conversation will become awkward. You have to develop a warm telephone voice which is not sugar-coated.

3. Perfect your phone style

It is very important to perfect your calling style before making any calls. This can be done alone or with the help of a friend. If you are self-conscious about phones, you need to make yourself feel safe and uninhibited. The best way of doing this is by standing in front of the mirror and rehearsing your script. Our exterior reflects our inner turmoil. If you look anxious your voice will sound strained and distant.

4. Better to have a plan than a script

While traditionally the success or failure of calling depends on the quality of your script. But scripts are useful only for amateurs because they make you sound interesting and robotic. Generally, calls require spontaneous thinking which is something a script does not provide. Have a plan, not a script.

5. Captivate your prospect’s attention

Once you have the decision maker on the phone, try to captivate and keep his/her attention. You have to really make him/her listen to what you have to say. Some people have natural charisma and showmanship to capture the attention of the listener. According to sales gurus it not about what you say but about what you hear. The key is to read the thoughts of your prospects mind.

6. Don’t be afraid of hearing “NO”

Do not be afraid of rejection. Do not let your fear of failure rule you rather turn it to fearlessness.

7. Avoid distractions during call

Do not multitask during a call this might distract you from saying something which you might regret later. Keep your focus intact while making the calls. This will hold your attention and people can hear confidence in your voice.

8. Know your product

Before making a pitch to anyone learn about your product thoroughly. Spend some time to know about the technical side of your product and how it might be of value to your customer. This will come in handy especially if you’re selling technical products or services.

9. Be clear about your goal

Even though, you might have to move off topic to keep the conversation going move back to your goal to make that sale.

10. Dealing with the aggressive and hostile prospect

Many times the customer might be aggressive and hostile. He/she might just be having a bad day or they might be bullies by nature. Anyhow do not give them the charge, which does not mean you have to be rude but handle the situation tactfully because the reputation of your company is in your hand.

These are the 10 Cold Calling Tips and Tricks.

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