Analysis and Market Growth of Apparel ERP Software

Vibhavari Madki Vibhavari Madki
Sep 22, 2020 6 min read
Analysis and Market Growth of Apparel ERP Software

The Apparel and garment industry has been challenged by the growth of a global market and E-Commerce lately.

The solution is to meet the updated operations, enhancing supply-chain and distribution to meet customer demand. Nowadays, Apparel ERP is used on a greater scale to get detailed data of orders online, form query responses, effective control and, plan and schedule order accurately and predict data efficiently.

ERP is used in the apparel industry for a garment manufacturing process, design, material checking, shipping, and distribution. A fashion ERP provides a centralized database of all the business processes and so on.

Handling and operating Apparel industry without an ERP Software would be a disaster. ERP software for manufacturing in the Apparel industry will let help the organization anticipate user demand patterns, Wishlist, and clients requirements. In the absence of an operating Apparel ERP software, these tasks would turn into challenges.

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Growth of Apparel ERP software

The global ERP software market in 2018 was valued at $35.82 billion and is predicted to reach $78.4 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 10.2% from 2019 to 2026.

Growth factors in Apparel ERP Software
Growth factors in Apparel ERP Software

The production industry dominated the ERP Software Market in 2018 and is expected to continue this trend during the forecast period. It is expected to rise in several pharmaceuticals, automotive, garments, and electronic manufacturing market. However, the apparel industry is expected to witness the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

As per the latest research of the Apparel Business and ERP Software Industry market provides a comprehensive assessment of the key factors driving the industry growth. It also lists out the existing challenges and opportunities crucial to business expansion in the upcoming years. It has an economically wide database to enhance business management and boasts a dedicated section for considering leading players. So, the impact of the pandemic is covered too.

The Apparel ERP Software Market is forecasted to rise at a significant rate between 2020 and 2025. The forecast report studies the Apparel ERP Software market size which includes value and volume, by players, regions, and product types. The history data 2014-2018 and the forecast data 2019-2025.

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Reasons to adopt Apparel ERP software

ERP software in the apparel and textile industry offers businesses unlimited benefits in monitoring operations, helping the organizations to plan effectively and work on a unified, seamless platform for greater operational efficiency.

Inventory Management

Apparel manufacturing ERP software lets the business comprehend the basic ideas of cost while maintaining the right mix of merchandise across the organization. Monitoring the state of stock/inventory of the Organization gives a proper picture of whereabouts of the material and makes the management easier.

Improving Production Planning

With advanced ERP software and algorithm at play, it will help organizations to draw the best and most cost-effective schedule in planning and control of production.


Digital transformation has made it necessary for key personnel to have access to reports and information 24/7, from anywhere, from any authorized device.

Time Management

To fulfil the purchase orders quickly while allocating the right person the right work, ERP software makes it possible. It helps in reducing errors, redundant data entry and other problematic activities. With an ERP software, real-time tracking and reporting of resources at the warehouse, shop floor, procurement, shipment is also possible.

Hub of Multiple Functions

The dashboard offers a complete view of every department or operation which includes Production, Supply Chain Planning, RCCP, QC, Warehouse Management, Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, Shop Floor Control.


ERP facilitates prompt decision making, productivity and improves the connection between vendors, customers, and coworkers by offering the correct information to the authorized users who work from anywhere in the world.

Top Apparel ERP Software
Top Apparel ERP Software

Top Apparel ERP Software

There are several different ERP Software which performs and help in Apparel, Clothing industry and Garment industry to make the operations easier.


Fishbowl Management software offers the Apparel Organizations a complete supply chain management and efficient sales tracking process in one convenient system. It is an inventory system, with features for raw materials management, customized reporting, barcoding, and asset management. This management automates the quoting, ordering and purchasing processes.

Fishbowl Manufacturing allows businesses to track stock/inventory across multiple locations including warehouse and office branches. Professionals can use the app for purchase order management, warehouse management, inventory tracking, and more, and multiple warehouses can be managed from one centralized solution. The inventory management feature allows businesses to carry out barcode scanning as well as serial number identification to trace shipments and orders.


e-Smartx is an efficient, modern, cost-effective, and proven enterprise platform solution that meets the requirements of the apparel manufacturing industry. e-Smartx monitors and manages the total processes in the apparel manufacturing business. Its workflow system provides accurate business management capability for faster response to consumer demands. The internet-enabled, real-time system gives manufactures the capability to monitor the whole process from product development to exports.


FDM4 is an integrated system that leverages fashion ERP to the next level by allowing enterprise-scale apparel manufacturers to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently across the global market.

It was designed specifically by fashion users and involves a comprehensive matrix of processes allowing the company to handle purchasing, inventory, customer orders, sales fulfilment, billing and financial reporting, everything based on the particular needs of required operations in the fashion domain.

INFOR Fashion

INFOR Fashion ERP provides resource management operations based on fashion requirements. This ERP is configurable that operates the entire fashion process chain ranging from design, materials sourcing, and product distribution, to manufacturing, private brand wholesale and retailing.

Apparel Connect

Apparel Connect was developed specially by garment manufacturers, in direct support of the global buying audience.

The system allows the apparel enterprise to operate seamlessly due to its high performing toolset including product development, marking and processing, order management, demand-based processing, inventory control, purchasing, reporting, production planning, carton packing, outsourcing operations, task management processing, and much more management to these processes.


This ERP provider produces a market-leading fashion solution oriented to the specific needs of apparel businesses. The system is fully-integrated and includes advanced warehouse management capabilities, order processing, PLM processing, financials reporting, and inventory management.

In addition to these, there are modules for catalogues and telemarketing. The system is mobile, in addition to a unique capability to develop and deliver internally produced social-network communications.


PolyPM system offers an integrated ERP and product lifecycle management which is capable to design and manufacture specifically for the apparel industry. This platform is comprehensive and ranges in value from the development of style to product execution, and lastly to global buyer distribution.

Some of the system’s more unique features include cut planning, fabric inspection, production and a 2D size ranging, in addition to more accepted manufacturing processes and the inclusion of a comprehensive order auditing capability.


The journey of fashion, textile, and apparel industry will significantly take a new shape considering that the businesses implement a powerful ERP software for the apparel industry to work productively while increasing the bottom line.

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