Bambee Review: A affordable HR Solution for Small Businesses

Charudath K Nair Charudath K Nair
Aug 19, 2021 5 min read
Bambee Review: A affordable HR Solution for Small Businesses

Businesses grow off capital, that's how it has always been. But as Thomas J. Watson, founder of IBM once said, ‘It takes people to build a business'. Human resource management is often taken lightly when it comes to smaller businesses.

These may be due to reasons such as lack of information or affordability factors. HR managers are expensive. Experienced and affordable HR personnel seem almost impossible to hire right?

Bambee, a service started back in 2016 does just this. Bambee is a simple and elegant solution to HR problems. Bambee lets you hire an HR manager for as low as $99 a month.

The service is available across all 50 states in the US. Bambee gives you a dedicated HR manager who helps you craft HR policy and understand compliances. The service is kept simple and organized to allow maximum productivity for your business.

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Features of Bambee
Pricing of Bambee

Features of Bambee

Bambee was founded on the idea that every business should be able to hire an HR regardless of its scale and run like any major company in the industry. Bambee provides your business with a real, experienced HR.

They’re responsible for crafting company policies, taking legal actions, and managing your employees. The service is different from a freelance HR manager or a phone assistant.

They offer you a dedicated and experienced HR manager, a vital role in any business. Bambee offers you more than just management, here are a few notable features of the service:

Quick Interactions and Communication

Bambee lets you communicate with your HR manager through phone, email, or live chat. Besides this, the website has an interactions panel that further simplifies HR interactions. General, Employee issues, Policy requests, Termination, and Wages are the available quick interactions.

Bambee Real Time Chat Feature
Bambee Real Time Chat Feature

Users have the freedom to interact with their HR at any given time. This helps save time and enables you to take quick actions for your business. If you ever have an issue with any of the employees or the government law, HR can resolve your issues within a few hours.

Business Compliance Indicator

Bambee provides all its users access to its web dashboard. A unique feature of the platform is its Business Compliance Indicator score. This is an overall score given to your business based on how efficient and protected it is.

A higher score means your business is doing well along with all the employees. A lower score means certain areas of your business or the policies involved need more work.

The hired HR will add suggestions to improve your score every time it is assessed. It also indicates your employee performance and business report. Having a bird’s-eye view of your employee relationships improves cooperation and hence productivity.

An example of Bambee's business health report
An example of Bambee's business health report

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Corrective Active Platform

Mistakes are bound to happen in any business. Whether it's a misplanned policy or an unwanted legal action it can’t be good for any organization. Bambee HR takes care of these mistakes and actively works to correct these through their CAP.

These include written and verbal warnings, deformed policies, and performance improvement plans. Businesses often create new policies when expanding or branching out. It is decisive of how the business will thrive.

Bambee lets you collaborate with experienced HR managers to create policies that are perfect for your business. They also handle flawed wages and termination policies which is normally a hassle for the business.

Employee Performance Reports

Bambee’s web dashboard gives you a comprehensive employee report. You can track the progress of every employee under a single window. These reports can help you decide who to keep, promote or terminate.

Employees are the soul of any organization and it's crucial to have an understanding of their contributions. HR managers help improve company transparency and create a bridge for the employees as well. The generated reports include personal notes from HR to further explain the reasoning.

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Pricing of Bambee

Bambee is priced in a way that almost every kind of business can afford and hire an HR manager. They have 4 pricing models concerning the employee count.

Their pricing starts for as low as $99 a month for a business with 1-4 employees and includes unlimited email and chat communication.

For 5-19 employees it is priced at $199/month and also includes phone communication.

Bambee also lets you hire a senior HR for businesses with 20-49 employees for $299/month.

For businesses with 50+ employees, Bambee has a custom price that depends on the company scale. This means you’ll get a dedicated HR director for your entire business.

All plans include a free one-time in-depth HR setup for your business. They also allow users to pay yearly with up to 20% off on their monthly prices. The service can also be canceled at any time in case of a change of plans.

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Business is bound to be expensive and that is a good reason to always be on the lookout for efficient services. Bambee offers you the full services of an HR manager for a much better price.

Human resource management is simplified through their service. A service that helps bridge the gap between corporate owners and employees is always bound to be appreciated. This is exactly what Bambee offers. It stands as an affordable, professional, and friendly platform for all types of businesses.


Who is the founder of Bambee HR?

Allan Jones is the Founder & CEO of Bambee HR.

What does Bambee HR do?

Bambee is a platform that gives access to small and medium-sized businesses to hire an HR Manager.

When was Bambee founded?

Bambee was founded in 2016 by Allan Jones.

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