10 Best On-Page SEO Tools for Beginners

Ansh Mehrey Ansh Mehrey
Aug 8, 2023 19 min read
10 Best On-Page SEO Tools for Beginners

In today's digital age, the need for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is more crucial than ever. With an ever-expanding online landscape and fierce competition for user attention, having a strong online presence has become a necessity for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. SEO plays a pivotal role in helping websites and online content stand out from the crowd and be easily discoverable by search engines and users.

By optimizing various elements of a website, such as its structure, content, keywords, and user experience, SEO aims to improve a website's visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). This visibility not only drives organic traffic to the website but also enhances its credibility, authority, and relevance in the eyes of both search engines and users.

For individuals new to the world of SEO, navigating the vast array of SEO tools available can be overwhelming. That's where we come in – in this blog, we'll explore some of the most user-friendly and powerful on-page SEO tools specifically tailored for beginners. Whether you're building a website, a blog, or an online business, these tools will empower you to optimize your content and enhance your online visibility. Let's dive in and discover how these tools can be your ally in mastering the art of on-page SEO.

Best On-Page SEO Tools for Beginners

Below are the top 10 On-Page SEO tools that beginners can use to optimize their website.

Screaming Frog
Google Search Console
Moz Pro


Website Ahrefs.com
Rating 4.7/5
Best For Competitor Research, Link Building, Keyword Research, Website Audit, Content Research, Rank Tracking
Free Trial Not Available
Ahrefs - on-page seo tools

Ahrefs is an all in one SEO toolkit that offers various tools and services, that you can deploy to rank better in search engines. Users can optimize their websites with the Site Audit as well as analyze competitors with the Site Explorer, and research for keywords with high search volume with the Keyword Explorer. Users can also learn from the industry's leading content delivery platforms with the Content Explorer and track their website ranking through the Rank Tracker. Moreover, you can also join the Ahrefs community on Facebook with over 10K marketers with unique SEO strategies and ideas, to further enhance your website's search engine ranking.

Features of Ahrefs

  • Ahrefs' Site Explorer features combine three powerful SEO tools – organic traffic search, backlink checker, and paid traffic research.
  • Audit and Optimize Website is another feature leveraging which Ahrefs runs an SEO audit to uncover the site's technical and non-technical SEO issues.
  • With the Keyword Explorer feature, marketers can discover thousands of keyword ideas, analyze keyword ranking difficulty, and calculate their traffic potential.
  • Users can use the Content Explore feature to find top-performing content ideas in their niche and thousands of link prospects.
  • Ahrefs' Rank Tracker feature helps marketers monitor their site's rankings and chart its performance against competitors.
SEO Course by Ahrefs


  • With this SEO platform, users can find keywords much more quickly.
  • Ahrefs works with multiple search engines, and backlinking and keyword research data is easy to understand.
  • With Ahref's rich functionality, users can conduct SEO analysis for Google, YouTube, Amazon, and other digital platforms.
  • Marketers can check their sites for over 140+ technical and non-technical SEO issues.


  • The platform doesn't offer a free trial to users.
  • Many users stated that the reporting time of Ahrefs is ungenerous.
  • The pricing model is expensive for small businesses.
  • Ahrefs doesn't offer any integration with Google Analytics or Search Console.

Pricing Plan:

Plans Monthly Price Yearly Price (Get 2 months Free)
Lite $99 per month $83 per month
Standard $199 per month $166 per month
Advanced $399 per month $333 per month
Enterprise $999 per month $833 per month

Top 5 Best Alternatives of Ahrefs to Help You Rank in 2022
Since Ahrefs has updated its plans and pricing many digital marketers are in need of its alternative. So, here are the best Ahrefs alternatives.

Screaming Frog

Website www.screamingfrog.co.uk
Rating 4.9/5
Best For Comprehensive website crawling and analysis
Free Trial Available
Screaming Frog SEO spider - on page seo tool
Screaming Frog SEO spider

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider stands out as a premier cross-platform web crawler, relied upon by numerous content agencies for conducting comprehensive SEO site audits. With its extensive capabilities, Screaming Frog's free plan empowers users to extract data and perform SEO audits for around 500 URLs. Notably, the tool aids in identifying and addressing broken links, while also uncovering temporary and permanent redirects that may need attention. Concurrently, this web crawler diligently examines page titles and meta data to uncover potential duplicate content issues, all while utilizing XPath to extract data. Moreover, Screaming Frog enables users to create XML sitemaps with advanced customization and seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics and Search Console APIs, facilitating the gathering of essential user performance data.

Features of Screaming Frog

  • Screaming Frog's 'Find a Broken Link' feature allows users to crawl a site instantly and find broken links and server errors.
  • The Audit Redirects feature is used to discover temporary and permanent redirects, identify redirect chains and loops, and upload a URL list to audit in a site migration.
  • The platform's Discover Duplicate Content feature leverages an md5 algorithmic check to find the exact duplicate URLs and partially duplicated elements.
  • With Analyze Page Titles & Meta Data, marketers can crawl websites to analyze page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Extract Data with XPath feature can collect data from the webpage's HTML via CSS Path, XPath, or regex.
  • The SEO platform's Generate XML Sitemaps feature can quickly create XML sitemaps and image XML sitemaps by leveraging advanced configurations over URLs.


  • The platform is easy to use, navigate, and operate for people of any level of technical knowledge.
  • It's an excellent tool for investigating site domains' link profiles, technical auditions, and SEO analysis.
  • Screaming Frog allows users to check their website's health on a large scale.
  • It can also help users troubleshoot several SEO issues in their site's architecture, missing alt tags, redirect chains, and more.


  • The platform is limited to crawling only 500 web pages.
  • The SEO Spider is not cloud-based and needs to be installed on a computer or server.
  • Sometimes, data exports can be a bit clunky, and the platform chokes on hugely massive crawls.
  • The platform often doesn't reflect changes even when the problem is solved on the site.

Pricing Plans

Plan Price
Free Version $0
Paid Version $139 Per Year

Google Search Console

Website search.google.com/search-console/welcome
Rating 4.8/5
Best For Optimizing website visibility
Free Trial Available
Google Search Console - on page seo tool
Google Search Console

In the realm of SEO, Google Search Console stands as an indispensable asset for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. This comprehensive tool, provided directly by Google, offers insights and functionalities crucial for optimizing your website's performance on search engines.

For beginners, setting up Google Search Console is the initial step. This involves verifying ownership of your website, a process that grants access to a wealth of valuable data. The tool's intuitive dashboard provides a snapshot of your site's search appearance, indexing status, and performance metrics.

Google Search Console isn't just about data; it empowers you to take actionable steps. Optimize your website's mobile-friendliness, submit sitemaps for efficient crawling, and analyze your site's performance on different devices.

For beginners, Google Search Console serves as a guiding light into the intricate world of SEO. As you delve deeper into your website's analytics, you'll gain valuable insights into user behavior, search trends, and optimization opportunities. This tool isn't just for experts; it's a fundamental resource for anyone seeking to enhance their website's visibility and performance in the digital landscape.

Features of Google Search Console

  • With Google Search Console's Search Analytics Report feature, users can gain several critical insights into their site's search performance of Google.
  • Data Highlighter is an intuitive tool that enables users to add structured data to their websites.
  • The platform's HTML Improvements tool identifies issues with the marketer's website and provides suggestions for fixing them.
  • The Remove URLs feature lets users hide specific URLs from Google's search results temporarily.
  • With Fetch as a Google feature, users can know how Google renders their published pages and submit pages for rapid indexes.
  • Google Search Console's Sitemaps feature allows users to submit their sitemap to Google to get their site indexed quickly.


  • The platform offers impressive features and an enormous amount of data.
  • Google Search Console is beginner friendly due to its neat, clean, and organized user interface.
  • With this platform, users can easily and quickly find and identify issues with their websites.
  • Google Search Console is popular among marketers because it helps drive more website traffic.


  • Google Search Console doesn't allow users to submit HTML sitemaps to Google.
  • It repeatedly shows the same site errors even after fixing them.
  • Sometimes, the Average Position Feature can provide inaccurate results.
  • Using the platform requires regular site monitoring and analysis, which can be time-consuming.

Pricing Plans

Google Search Console is Free to use.

The First 9 Things You Should Learn In SEO
Are you looking for a career that is full of creativity, innovations, andapplies to every existing industry with a plethora of job roles? If yes, that means you are looking for a job in the Digital Marketing industry,which is evolving at an extremely rapid rate and has a


Website www.semrush.com
Rating 4.7/5
Best For keyword research, tracks competitor keyword strategy, SEO audit, backlinking opportunities, and lots more.
Free Trial Available
SEMrush - onpage seo tool for beginners

SEMrush is a must-have tool for beginners venturing into the realm of SEO. This versatile platform offers a plethora of features that simplify the complexities of optimizing your website for search engines.

For starters, SEMrush's Domain Overview is a quick way to gauge your website's performance. It provides essential metrics like organic search traffic, backlinks, and top keywords. SEMrush's Keyword Magic Tool offers an extensive range of keywords related to your niche, complete with search volume, difficulty, and potential rankings.

SEMrush aids beginners in refining on-page content through its On-Page SEO Checker. It evaluates pages against target keywords, offering suggestions to enhance optimization. The Backlink Audit tool is another boon for beginners. It identifies and helps disavow harmful backlinks that can tarnish your site's credibility. With its user-friendly interface and actionable insights, SEMrush is a game-changer for SEO novices.

Features of SEMrush

  • The platform's Domain review feature is perfect for users wanting to view their competitors' SEO strategies and explore their referring domains.
  • Traffic Analytics feature helps marketers identify their competitors' primary traffic sources and top referring websites.
  • Organic Research features enable users to analyze their competitors in organic results and explore the most successful strategies.
  • SEMrush's Keyword Gap feature can be used to find keywords targeted by competitors and compare a maximum of 5 domains for unique and common keywords.
  • The backlink Gap feature lets users identify link-building opportunities and detect sites linking to their competitors.
  • The Keyword Overview feature is excellent for performing thorough keyword analysis and find-related keywords and long-tail matches.
How To Use SEMrush For SEO And Keyword Research


  • SEMrush facilitates the largest keyword database with 21.1 billion+ keywords in the Keyword Magic tool.
  • The platform's comprehensive SEO toolkit includes over 50 tools.
  • It provides all the metrics a user could need to evaluate backlinks and keyword opportunities.
  • SEMrush's lowest plan offers nearly 3,000 reports, and the business plan provides 10,000 reports.


  • The traffic analytics data provided by SEMrush is not always accurate.
  • The user interface of this platform is a little cluttered.
  • It only gives users data for Google, not any other search engine.
  • The login is limited to a single device in the Pro plan.

Pricing Plan:

Plan Yearly Price Monthly Price
Pro $108.33/month $129.95/month
Guru $208.33/month $249.95/month
Business $416.66/month $499.95/month

Start Using SEMrush Now

Moz Pro

Website Moz.com
Rating 4.5/5
Best For Site tracking, link building, competitor analysis, keyword research, inbound marketing
Free Trial Available
Moz Pro - best seo tools for beginners
Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a valuable companion for SEO beginners, providing a user-friendly platform to enhance website visibility and rankings. Its array of features is tailored to empower novices in the world of search engine optimization. Its Keyword Explorer aids in effective keyword research, while the On-Page Grader optimizes content elements. The Site Crawl tool identifies technical issues, and Link Explorer provides insights into backlink profiles. With its user-friendly interface and valuable features, Moz Pro is an excellent choice for those new to SEO.

Features of Moz Pro

  • Moz Pro's Keyword Explorer can help users know how people search for their products and services and which keywords and questions are used.
  • The Rank Tracking feature lets users know how their site ranks for their keywords and the rankings of their competitors' sites.
  • Site Crawl is another feature that digs through every corner of a marketer's site to find harmful issues and let users know how to fix identified issues.
  • The platform's On-Page Optimization feature helps improve page optimization by auditing the content on web pages and recommending specific improvements.
  • With the Link Explorer feature, users can find new links and maximize the effects of existing ones.
  • The custom Reports feature allows users to create customized reports, schedule recurring reports, and send them directly to clients and stakeholders.


  • Users can track 300 keyword rankings with Moz Pro for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Google Mobile.
  • The platform allows users to crawl around 4 lakh pages each month.
  • It provides accurate metrics for search volume, checking backlinks, and keyword research.
  • Moz Pro generates SEO reports within much less time.


  • The platform can become expensive since the pricing is aimed at large enterprises.
  • Moz Pro specifically targets US markets, causing a lack of data for foreign users.
  • It offers limited customization options for SEO reports.
  • It takes a lot of time to set up Mos Pro.

Pricing Plan:

Plan Yearly Price Monthly Price
Standard $79/month $99/month
Medium $143/month $179/month
Large $239/month $299/month
Premium $479/month $599/month

10 Best Alternatives to Moz for SEO | Moz Alternatives
Search Engine Optimization helps in ranking higher on search engines. Moz is a popular SEO tool. Lets know some best tools alternatives to moz.


Website www.webconfs.com
Rating 4.6/5
Best For On-Page SEO Analysis
Free Trial Available
Webconfs - Free seo tool for beginners

Webconfs offers a user-friendly SEO tool designed especially for beginners seeking to enhance their on-page optimization. With its simple interface, it's a great starting point for those new to SEO.

Webconfs offers a variety of on-page SEO tools that help users check the page loading time, word count, website links, among other services. While its Online Reputation Audit tool helps users analyze their website's review report, fetched from different review sites, the Keyword Planner helps users select the right keywords with more search volume to improve traffic. Users can also scan for duplicate content with the Page Checker as well as perform backlink anchor text analysis. Moreover, tools like URL encoder and decoder, Spider Simulator, Broken Links Finder among others further enhance the SEO of a website, making sure the website has good search engine rankings.

Features of Webconfs

  • Keyword Density Checker tool crawls the specified URL, extracts text similarly to a search engine, removes common stop words, and displays the keywords' density.
  • WebConfs' Keyword Ranking Tool allows users to uncover high-volume keywords to boost their SERPs.
  • With the Similar Page Checker tool, users can determine the similarity percentage between content posted on different pages.
  • The platform's Search Engine Spider Simulator tool stimulates the crawler by displaying the web page's content exactly how a search engine would see it.
  • Backlink Anchor Text Analysis helps marketers determine the link text used by their backlinks to link their sites.
  • With Backlink Builder, users can build a lot of quality backlinks.


  • With WebConfs, users can compare two URLs at a time.
  • The platform helps users identify whether their content is similar to other content.
  • WebConfs can be used as a free tool.
  • It streamlines several SEO processes, saving users time and effort.
  • This platform allows users to access comprehensive data and insights about their site's performance, backlink profile, keyword opportunities, etc.


  • The free version offers the 1000 words limit per search.
  • Sometimes, WebConfs provides inaccurate results.

Pricing Plan:

Webconfs is Free to use.


Website www.woorank.com
Rating 4.4/5
Best For Link Building, Keyword Research, and SERP Rank Tracking
Free Trial Available
Woorank - on page seo software

Woorank is an intuitive marketing tool that helps users grow their business with organic traffic through enhanced SEO and search engine rankings. It analyses your website's SEO and keyword opportunities, and turns the collected data into reports offering actionable insights with detailed data points and issue fixes. The keyword research tool also offers demographic insights, so you can focus more on prospects with high conversion chances, while the competitor analysis allows you to monitor your their SEO score and target keywords. Moreover, the Site Crawl feature enables you to organize your data also allowing you to schedule site crawls for regular performance checks.

Features of WooRank

  • The Generate More Leads feature can easily examine a prospect's SEO health to help users better sell their services using white-label reports.
  • The competitive Analysis feature of WooRank enables marketers to monitor their rivals' SEO strategies.
  • With keyword Research and Tracking, users can discover target keywords and identify, monitor, and track the progress of rankings against their competition.
  • Technical Website Audits is an excellent feature for crawling thousands of web pages and finding technical SEO issues.
  • With Instant Website Reviews, users can take control of their online marketing and SEO by analyzing website SEO and following the recommendations.
  • WooRank's White-Label Reports present downloadable and custom PDF reports providing insights into meaningful data.


  • The platform's user-friendly interface makes it ideal for beginners.
  • It is a pretty good tool for monitoring websites.
  • Users can customize the reports.
  • WooRank's reports provide a summary score at the top, giving users a rating for their site.


  • Occasionally, the site speed and mobile usability assessments can be misleading.
  • The monthly price can be expensive for small businesses and users managing multiple websites.
  • Its competitor analysis features are a bit lacking.
  • The cache can appear randomly; sometimes, users face issues downloading the reports.

Pricing Plan:

Plan Yearly Price Monthly Price
Pro $$53.25/month $89.99/month
Premium $133.25/month $199.99/month
Enterprise Custom Price Custom Price


Website Kwfinder.com
Rating 4.5/5
Best For Keyword research and content marketing
Free Trial Available
KWFinder - on page seo tool

KWFinder is an excellent SEO tool for beginners, designed to simplify keyword research. Its user-friendly interface allows users to discover profitable keywords, assess their search volume, and analyze keyword difficulty. With its "Keyword Difficulty" metric, you can identify which keywords are easier to rank for. Additionally, KWFinder provides suggestions for long-tail keywords and displays search trends. This tool offers valuable insights into your competitors' rankings and backlinks, aiding your SEO strategy. It's a great choice for beginners looking to optimize their content and improve their website's visibility in search engine results.

Features of KWFinder

  • KWFinder's Keyword Tracker feature can help users track keywords for all their web projects simultaneously.
  • With Keyword Analyzer, users can analyze keywords based on competition, search volume, click rate, and cost-per-click.
  • Users can discover thousands of keyword ideas for each niche and advanced metrics for each keyword with the Keyword Research feature.
  • The platform's Backlink Analysis feature analyzes the backlink profile of a domain or URL to help users determine the strength and relationship between web pages across root and cross-domains.
  • Keyword Generator is the perfect tool to generate the most used keywords and phrases related to a site.
  • API Access tool allows mobile apps, developer's frameworks, building software applications, and management tools to access and use data from a given API.


  • The platform is lightweight and fast.
  • KWFinder is an easy-to-use and navigable platform.
  • It offers five tools in a single platform.
  • With KWFinder, users can gain insights into diverse search engine optimization metrics.


  • It offers limited keyword results.
  • KWFinder doesn't support multi-tabbed keyword research
  • The platform offers limited daily data requests.
  • It doesn't facilitate the Keyword Gap Analysis feature.

Pricing Plans:

Plan Yearly Price Monthly Price
Mangools Entry $19.90/month $29.00/month
Mangools Basic $29.90/month $49.00/month
Mangools Premium $44.90/month $69.00/month
Mangools Agency $89.90/month $129.00/month

Start Using KWfinder Now


Website Rankmath.com
Rating 4.8/5
Best For Optimizing content
Free Trial Available
RankMath - seo tools for beginners

RankMath is an SEO plugin for WordPress websites for content optimization with built-in suggestions and the best SEO strategies. RankMath offers over 15 configurable modules along with keyword rank tracking for SEO analysis to identify issues. It also offers an intuitive interface with Google Analytics integrations for keeping track of your website's stats through a dashboard and a rank tracker. RankMath also offers an advanced schema generator while also allowing you to import schema from different websites, and allows for a single click imports for seamless data migration from other SEO plugins.

Features of RankMath

  • Analyzation of the Focus Keyword feature in the free plan tells users how often they can use their target keyword.
  • With the Schema tool, users can add schema markup to their websites to help search engines understand their content better.
  • With Social Media Descriptions, RankMath generates social media descriptions for users' websites.
  • RankMath creates an XML sitemap for users' websites to help search engines index their content using the XML Sitemap feature.
  • The Watermarks feature is available to users wanting to add watermarks to their social media images.
  • The platform's Keyword Rank Tracking feature lets marketers track their website's keywords and positions in Google search results.


  • RankMath comes with an easy to follow setup wizard.
  • The platform is designed with a simple but powerful user interface.
  • RankMath continuously improves its plugin's performance to offer top-notch functionalities.
  • It offers the fastest turnaround times for support queries and resolves issues.


  • With the RankMath SEO plugin, migrating to Yoast SEO is not easy.
  • Sometimes, the plugin can generate changes in the site's URLs.
  • It offers limited keyword assistance.
  • Sometimes, users need to reconnect their Google account to track analytics.

Pricing Plans:

Plan Price
Agency $499/year
Business $199/year
Pro $59/year

Start Using RankMath Now

WordPress Interesting Facts | Unknown Facts About Wordpress
WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. Read to know some of the most interesting facts about Wordpress.


Website Gtmetrix.com
Rating 4.9/5
Best For Website Speed Testing
Free Trial Available
GTMetrix - on page analysis tool

GTMetrix is an analysis and testing platform for your website to enhance its loading time. While GTMetrix is nearing the performance analysis of a billion pages, users can analyze their website's performance and find the vulnerabilities that make their site slow to load. It offers detailed site analysis with Lighthouse metrics, web vitals, audits and other analysis options to track a website's performance. Moreover, you also get to see how your page loads on different devices and platforms and GTMetrix notifies you whenever your page loading is slowed down owing to SEO issues.

Features of GTMetrix

  • The Mobile Testing feature helps marketers optimize their website for mobile users and ensure a fast experience on all devices and connections.
  • GTMetrix's Tagging and Filter Tabs feature allows users to unlock unlimited tagging and filter tabs to categorize and find desired reports within a few minutes,
  • The web Vitals feature helps marketers analyze their website's web vitals, such as loading, interactivity, visual stability, etc.
  • GTMetrix's Reports can tell users exactly how fast their page loads, the reason for slow loading, and how to fix it.
  • The platform's Structured Audit tool tells users if their web page applies modern best practices for optimized page delivery.
  • Users can access the Waterfall Charts to identify long or broken requests, understand what the browser sees when loading a webpage, and view request details.
How To Use GTmetrix Like A PRO


  • The free account provides a lot of input to help users optimize their sites for SEO.
  • It's a simple-to-use and effective platform.
  • Its new feature, 'Speed Visualization,' helps users track every second loading report.
  • Users can choose between different locations to test their website load speed.


  • The platform doesn't show the exact loading speed or performance in the generated reports.
  • Sometimes, GTMetrix can provide two different results for the same search.
  • It often shows Vancouver, Canada location, no matter where the user scans the website or uses the tool.
  • Sometimes, the platform takes longer to provide the results.

Pricing Plans:

Plan Yearly Price Monthly Price
Basic Free Free
Solo $10.67/month $13/month
Starter $21.25/month $25/month
Growth $42.50/month $50/month


There are a plethora of tools for On-Page SEO, and while some are specific to a particular niche, such as improving the page loading time and keyword research, others offer a comprehensive SEO suite such as Ahrefs and Moz. But this does not imply that any one offers more value than the other. Only with a broader view of different aspects of SEO, can a site rank good enough in a search engine. All in all, although different factors weigh differently in SEO, the bottom line is that none of them can be ignored, and hence the more comprehensive is your approach in enhancing the On-Page SEO, the better is the traffic as well as the search ranking.


What do on-page SEO tools do?

On-page SEO tools help analyze and optimize the content and structure of a website to improve its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). They can help with tasks such as keyword research, analyzing competitors, and checking for technical SEO issues.

Why is on-page SEO important for beginners?

On-page SEO is crucial for beginners as it helps them understand and implement optimization techniques directly on their website, leading to improved search engine rankings and organic traffic.

Are there any free on-page SEO tools?

Yes, there are a number of on-page SEO tools available that offers free plan such as Google Search Console, GTMetrix, Webconfs, Screaming Frog and more.

How do on-page SEO tools help with competitor analysis?

On-page SEO tools can help you analyze your competitors by providing insights into their website structure, content, and backlinks, allowing you to identify areas where you can improve your own website to outrank them.

How can I learn on page SEO?

You can learn on-page SEO through online courses, tutorials, and resources offered by platforms like Moz, SEMrush, and HubSpot.

Can on-page SEO tools replace professional SEO services?

While on-page SEO tools are invaluable for beginners, professional SEO services provide a comprehensive strategy that involves both on-page and off-page optimization, technical expertise, and strategic planning.

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