Interesting Facts about Bewakoof | How they Succeeded in Becoming the Famous Fashion-Portal in India

Abinaya Arangarajan Abinaya Arangarajan
Sep 25, 2021 5 min read
Interesting Facts about Bewakoof | How they Succeeded in Becoming the Famous Fashion-Portal in India

We will buy any products from a company, with the thought- either if that brand is renowned for its services among the locality or we have had a reliable relationship with the brand for decades. For instance- when you think of purchasing clothes the first and foremost thing that pops our mind is ZARA or H&M because these clothing companies have a โ€˜NAMEโ€™ which they have earned through brand loyalty.

Besides, you may have seen that in order to get brand awareness in the market, it is stated that a company should keep an engrossed and eye-catching name to entice as many customers as possible. But, here one such company went beyond that and topped the market with its appealing name and unique products- โ€œBewakoofโ€ even though society marginalises the name of the company.

As people started to engage in rendering services from this company just by reading its brand name. Curiosity kills a cat, right? You may wonder what kind of services they are rendering under the name โ€œBEWAKOOFโ€.

Basically, ย Bewakoof means โ€˜Stupidโ€™ in Hindi with the tagline โ€˜A bewakoof follows his heartโ€™ literally which later created a buzz in the market, as the company sells trendy products at an affordable rate. Bewakoof is Mumbai-based e-commerce that vents customized products such as clothes, accessories, beauty care and special collections according to the trends.

About Bewakoof

The company Bewakoof commenced its functioning on 1st April 2012 where that month and day is particularly known for April fool day, People were implausible to shop in such a company when the brand name sounds witty with a jocular tagline. Civil engineering graduated- Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot are the founders of Bewakoof planned to start their own t-shirt printing business with an aim to bring humour into the lives of college students for the 18-34 age group.

Started Bewakoof with Low initial investment
A story behind the name
A unique way of marketing their products
No deadstock
Social Media Marketing
Crazy College campaigns and Celebrity Endorsements

Started Bewakoof with Low initial investment

As it is generally known that if you are dead set on starting an online business, the first thing you should think about is INVESTMENT, which demands a vast sum of money. But, Being an e-commerce business model, Bewakoof didnโ€™t advance an initial amount in starting it. As the company is highly focused on social media and connecting audiences through its content & products.

A story behind the name

Bewakoof incorporation happened on 1st April 2021 especially on April fool day, which made society denigrate the inauguration as silly public stunts made by people to engross the community, paradoxically Bewakoof ultimately became the most famous fashion portal in India.

A unique way of marketing their products

The company's marketing strategies played a unique part in hyping their demand in the market as well as helped to achieve their goals in a short span. This generation really lighted the concept of humor in the name of โ€˜Memeโ€™, which attained the attention of many internet users.

Bewakoof started their meme page before commencing the T-shirt business, they allure the internet audiences into becoming customers with their memes. Because they emphasize creating memes that are relevant and persuasive to the audienceโ€™s interest.

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No deadstock

Bewakoof products are always innovative and trendy. They update their product's design as days pass and innovate the old one into something unusual and fresh. This generation of people are always in search of new things and tend to try new things out.

They always need something different and fashionable, they easily get bored of the old things. And in order to satisfy the customers' demand, Bewakoof always tries to come up with some new stuff and have successfully maintained their position in the fashion world. ย 

Bewakoof doesn't maintain more stocks than needed. They keep launching new stuff in the sales. Only a few products are repeated, only if that particular product has high demand from the customer.

Creative Social Media Marketing

Bewakoof has an official page on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They are active and keep updating their products. Social media is the best way of advertising products. People see the products and if they like them, they share them with their friends, like this the popularity increases.

Bewakoof has about 2 million followers on Facebook and around 1.5 million followers on Instagram. The customers can text directly to inquire about the product they liked, and order if they love it.

The customers are updated frequently about the shipping and the delivery date of the ordered product. They mainly focus on the women category as it has more reach compared to the men's.

Crazy College campaigns and Celebrity Endorsements

Sanya Malhotra Bewakoof Endorsement
Sanya Malhotra Bewakoof Endorsement

To capture the attention of the students, Bewakoof advertised their products by popular Bollywood stars. Bewakoof welcomed the Bollywood actor Sanya Malhotra into their family. Sanya Malhotra will be taking part in the next campaign.

Rajkummar Rao was also featured in their latest digital marketing campaign. Besides, the brand also offered freebie products for those college students who buy or promote Bewakoof T-shirts, which brewed a scuffle in the sales.

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Bewakoof is all you need, if you are searching for clothes and accessories that are unique and fashionable, and also at an affordable price. The brand experiments into different stuff so that they produce unique products to the customers. The products are made by ordinary people with extraordinary ideas. Check their official account to know more about the products.


What is Bewakoof?

Bewakoof is a fashion brand that has everything the new era needs, efficient, unique and stylish fashion wear. It was created with the notion of delivering the best and distinct fashion product at an affordable price to the coming age.

Who is the founder of Bewakoof?

Bewakoof's CEO and Co-Founder is Prabhkiran Singh and the brand was set up in 2012. It was launched by Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot on ย 1 April 2012.

What is the tagline of Bewakoof?

Bewakoof is an Indian lifestyle fashion brand that was formed with the idea of producing efficient, unique and trendy fashion outfits for shoppers. "A Bewakoof follows his Heart '', the tagline of Bewakoof, it's for the people who want to try new things, not caring about other people's talks.

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