The Rise of C2C Industry- A Marketplace Worth Exploring

Muskaan Kapoor Muskaan Kapoor
Dec 28, 2021 6 min read
The Rise of C2C Industry- A Marketplace Worth Exploring

Today the whole world works over the internet. No industry can work without internet services. People cannot complete their day’s function without using their smartphones.

This increased dependency on smart devices and internet services has led to the growth of e-commerce. Be it buying, selling, or even window shopping, all a person do is pick up their smart devices and use the internet for them.

The massive rise of the e-commerce industry led to the idea of the C2C industry. The C2C industry enables consumers to buy and sell goods with each other. They use third-party e-commerce platforms to help this process.

The Rise of E-Commerce
The Concept of C2C Industry
How Do C2C works?
What are the Types of Customer-to-Customer Businesses?
Platforms supporting C2C Industry
Growth of C2C- A Great Marketplace for Entrepreneurs
The Disadvantages of C2C Industry

The Rise of E-Commerce

Commerce is the trading of goods and services. When we add an ‘e’ to commerce, it becomes electronic commerce. This means trading goods, services, or information over the internet.

In the early days, e-commerce platforms did not gain much trust among consumers. People use to doubt the quality they might receive. But in no time, this industry started to flourish. People began to trust these platforms more and more with time.

Now, the pandemic has made e-commerce need of the hour. No matter what the need is. Be it clothes, groceries, cooked food, electronics, at-home services, there is an e-commerce platform for all. You name it and e-commerce has it.

E-commerce has made the process of buying and selling easy. Apart from ease, it has made the global market approachable. Indeed, e-commerce has made a huge space for itself in the global economy.

The Concept of C2C Industry

C2C stands for Consumer to Consumer or Customer to Customer. C2C is the concept that came into existence with the popularity of e-commerce. It is a category of e-commerce. This allows the consumers to trade with each other.

Earlier the trading of goods and services only involved the B2C model. In this model, consumers buy the goods and services from the businesses themselves.

Now, with rising e-commerce, the C2C model is gaining popularity. In this model, there is a platform where the consumers can sell goods and services to one another.

The C2C model is beneficial for both buyers as well as sellers. The buyers can find a variety of goods and services easily and the sellers can sell and earn from it.

How Do C2C works?

The main idea of C2C is to connect the buyers and sellers on a platform. These platforms are the third parties that act as mediators between the two parties.

These platforms enable the sellers to post their goods and services online and make them available for purchase. In this process, the third parties charge a commission for the products sold.

Users have to sign up on online platforms that allow C2C services. Different platforms have different terms and conditions for it. In this way, the users can buy or sell through online portals.

What are the Types of Customer-to-Customer Businesses?

The following are the types of C2C business:

E-commerce platforms

E-commerce sites provide a large platform for various goods and services. These platforms allow consumers to set up their stores online.

Those who want to have their own C2C business can sign up on these sites and start selling. This enables them to find a large audience for their products or services.

Online Auctions

Online auctions enable the customers to bid on the things that other customers are selling. An online auction requires third-party sites for its process. The users have to sign up or get a membership to take part in the process.

In online auctions, one sells rare items like antiques, jewellery, precious stones, etc.

Social Media Platforms

This is one of the most popular platforms for a C2C business nowadays. People spend a lot of time on their social media handles. This influences their choices accordingly.

Due to this, social media sites have now introduced features for online stores. A consumer can sell new or even old items to other consumers.

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace

One can make use of social media marketing to promote their products and services. Hashtags, influencer marketing, sponsored ads can be of great help.

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Platforms supporting C2C Industry

Various e-commerce platforms support the C2C industry. These are:


Etsy Homepage
Etsy Homepage

Etsy is a C2C site. It allows a person to set up their website where they can market and sell their products. It also has an app named ‘Sell on Etsy’. This helps you to keep track of orders, transactions, and also customer queries. Etsy focuses on handmade goods, craft supplies, and vintage products.


eBay Homepage
eBay Homepage

eBay supports both B2C and C2C sales. Along with basic selling practice, it also offers an online auction facility. One can put up a vintage or precious item for bidding. The other consumers can place their bids on it. The item gets sold to the highest bidder.


Amazon Homepage
Amazon Homepage

Amazon is the biggest online retail platform in the world. It facilitates both the business-to-consumer and customer-to-customer industries.

It acts as a third party between the buyers and sellers. It markets the products to the customers and also enables the users to sell on the platform. For this, Amazon gets a commission from the sellers for using its website.

Some other platforms include Flipkart, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

Growth of C2C- A Great Marketplace for Entrepreneurs

The rise of e-commerce technology gave birth to the C2C industry. The C2C industry saw massive growth and popularity during the pandemic. During the pandemic, the most popular C2C categories included, fashion, family items, handcrafted goods.

The C2C e-commerce market is growing faster than ever. More people are now interested in the C2C market. This increasing interest has encouraged various startups to facilitate the industry.

With such a great amount of growth, the industry has become super competitive. But there is always a scope for specific niche opportunities in the market.

C2C industry has grown a lot and has even more growth potential. The world is shifting from offline to online. Here, the C2C industry is sure to rise more in the coming years. Be it buying, selling, investing, this industry is beneficial for all.

The Disadvantages of C2C Industry

C2C industry is full of benefits. But like a coin, even it has two sides. The C2C platforms can have scams. There is a possibility of online frauds, identity threats, or a lack of guaranteed payments. The C2C sites do not have any power over quality control as they are only mediators.

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C2C industry is a fast-growing industry. It has made the process of buying and selling super easy. Consumer-to-Consumer is a lucrative marketplace. It is a market that is worth exploring by every entrepreneur around the world.

The beginning of a C2C business can be quite difficult. But with time, proper planning, and tools, it can be successful in no time.


What is C2C business examples?

Some of the examples of C2C businesses are Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace.

How to start a C2C business?

Choose a platform to sell your products, build your network, use advertising and marketing strategies to grow your business.

What is the C2C business model?

Customer to customer (C2C) or Consumer to Consumer is a business model where customers can trade with each other on online platforms.

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