Classtra: A best online platform for organizing live classrooms, and interactive in-person activities

Ayush Varshney Ayush Varshney
Sep 15, 2020 3 min read
Classtra: A best online platform for organizing live classrooms, and interactive in-person activities

In this virtual world, we have to connect people via online modes for meetings, workshops, webinars, conferences, live classrooms, and in-person interactive sessions.

Presenting Classtra from Appsumo.

An online meeting tool that enables you to organize and host online classrooms, meetings, SMS, and email management at the same time on a single stage. Also, you can grab the Classtra Appsumo Deal in which you have to pay once for lifetime use.

What is Classtra?

Classtra is an online meeting tool through which you can host online meetings, classrooms, workshops, webinars, conferences, and many other in-person interactive activities.

Tool Name Classtra
Launched by Classtra, USA
Category Online Live Interactive Session Tool
Classtra Official Website
Classtra Contact

Classtra allows you to create and manage your online institute where you can organize online meetings, classrooms, and conferences to share and discuss ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and other intellectual information.

Classtra Producthunt Upvotes #42
Alexa Ranking (Global) #750,113
Freetools Seobility Score 61%
Annual Revenue $100,000

Classtra Features

Built-in Live recording

In Classtra, there is an in-built video recording system that allows you to record videos and then share it with your forthcoming audience.

Amazing meeting room experience

Classtra is enriched with different creative classroom options that you can opt and host meetings or live classes with your clients and students to share knowledge, plans, strategy, etc.

SMS and email communication

In your Virtual Classtra meeting room, you can invite participants via SMS and email by sharing the link of the online classroom.

Management of Staff roles

In the case where your virtual room has a lot of instructors, Classtra helps you in managing meetings with them by assigning their specific roles and job to them through the Management dashboard.

Varieties of Payment options

For registration in Classtra, you have multiple options like memberships, Installments, packages or bundles, sibling discounts, and refunds.

Less worry here.

Customized Forms

With Classtra, you can make different customized forms for different purposes for getting some particular information from a specific group of participants.

Unlimited Files and Documents sharing

Classtra allows you to share unlimited documents, files, and folders with your audience without any outbound.

Classtra Reviews

As far as usage concerned, Classtra has proven its worth not by boasting in paragraphs but also in practical life.

Classtra lets you organize classes with various features and also no need of worrying about the roleplays in the meeting as Classtra enables you to assign roles to the participant of the meetings to maintain the decorum of the meeting.

Classtra is like a 5 problems 1 solution tool; whether it is email marketing, online classrooms/meeting rooms, live feed to YouTube, SMS services, or recording and storing of files in the form of audio, video, pdf, and more you can rely on Classtra with a free will.

Another interesting feature of Classtra that will be going to snatch your attention is you can playback the video at several speeds which are 0.5, 0.75, Normal, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2x, and 4x.

Classtra Price

Normal Pricing Classtra Appsumo Deal
$1799.88/year $79/Lifetime

Classtra Appsumo Deal

  • Lifetime access to Classtra
  • All updates of the plan
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Unlimited data storage
  • White Labelling
  • Customized Domain
  • Unlimited active students with 2% on overage
  • Unlimited email campaigns
Get Classtra Appsumo Deal


In search of a perfect tool that provides live interactive online sessions with different features and multiple payment options, Classtra fits in the picture.

Classtra enables its users to host and participate in a meeting, classroom, or a webinar with unlimited files transferring, recording, and assignment of different roles to specific persons.

Go for it, give it shot, and buy it because the Lifetime deal stays with you, but the Deal offer does not stay forever.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is Classtra?
Classtra is an online tool that enables you to host and attend online meetings, classrooms, workshops, etc.

Who can use Classtra?
Teachers, mentors, Bloggers, Vloggers, Solopreneurs category people can use and enjoy the experience from Classtra.

Does Classtra offer a free trial before purchasing?
Yes. Classtra offers a free trial before buying the plan.  

Is there any refund policy in Classtra Appsumo Deal?
Yes. There is a refund policy of 60 days in the Classtra Appsumo deal.

What is the time limit for the conference on Classtra?
There is no time limit for hosting and attending conferences in Classtra.

Is there a free plan in Classtra?
Yes. There is a free plan in Classtra.

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