Clickmagick Review: Tracking Marketing Made Easy for Small Businesses

Kanika Shobhawat Kanika Shobhawat
Aug 18, 2021 5 min read
Clickmagick Review: Tracking Marketing Made Easy for Small Businesses

Clickmagick is a web based software which is used for digital marketing and optimization. It tracks, stores, and gives you a clear picture about where you stand on your marketing/advertising campaign.

Clickmagick - Features
Clickmagick - Pros
Clickmagick - Cons
Who should use Clickmagick?

Clickmagick Review

Clickmagick - Features

Clickmagick Campaign tracking
Clickmagick Campaign tracking

How does Clickmagick work? We know by now that it takes the footprints of a digital user from clicking on the link till exiting your landing pages. It does more than that by providing features like:

Splitting the Landing Pages/Split Test:

With the help of it, you can split your landing pages by providing two different offers. So you can split your audience into the ratio of 1:1 and redirect them to two different pages with an intention to compare the conversions.

Sales Funnel/Funnel Tracking:

This feature allows you to trace each and every activity of the target consumer base after he/she clicks on the link provided by you. Which, in turn, helps you to know which area requires improvement.

It is slightly similar to the software's splitting feature. It helps you to clone a single link on two different platforms to help you know which platform gives you maximum conversions. As a result it gives you an aid in knowing where you need to focus more.

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If a person is surfing on the internet, you can paste pop-ups for him/her accordingly with the help of the data that you already possess.


This is a cold marketing strategy where you provide pop-ups with a countdown to redirect maximum traffic to your landing pages so that maximum conversion can take place.

Clickmagick - Pros

Clickmagick is one of the best options available in market and it has its edge over its competitors because of the following pros:

Reasonable Prices:

For a tracking software, Clickmagick comes with a very reasonable price starting from $37/month (₹ 2762). Softwares like Volumm provide tracking services at much higher prices.

Clickmagick Pricing
Clickmagick Pricing

Overall Tool:

Clickmagick is not only for affiliate marketers. In fact any digital marketer can use it (including affiliate marketer) with the best features. You don't have to go for many options at a time.

Free Trial:

It comes with a service of Free trial service which you can opt for if you're a beginner and your mind doesn't allow you to invest in a one go.

Data Retention:

Clickmagick allows you to retain data from 6 months to years depending on the plan bought. So it is another benefit if you are planning to market digitally for the long-term. This way you can easily compare your growth since your inception.

User Interface:

The UI of Clickmagick is user friendly and easy to use even if you're a beginner. Other options like Bemob don't come with a better UI.

Parallel tracking:

You can do Google's parallel tracking through Clickmagick. Parallel tracking is when someone clicks on your tracking link it doesn't land them on additional redirects. Instead, it takes the user to the final URL. Clickmagick allows you to do this so that you don't lose your potential consumers because of the delay in landing to the main URL.

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Custom Domain:

We all come across some random links while we are surfing on the internet. Obviously we have trust issues on whether to tap on them or not. Clickmagick helps you to customize your domain in a neater way to earn the trust of users.


Clickmagick notifies you beforehand whether your affiliate link is working or not. So if you have made an investment (which can be a good amount for some people), you have your chance to save yourself from losses. It is one of the best pros of the software.

Customer Support:

Clickmagick provides its customers with good customer support. It solves your queries within 24 hours of grievance lodged.

Clickmagick - Cons

However, there are a bunch of other options available which are slightly on the brighter side of the story because of the following drawbacks of Clickmagick software:

Payment options:

You can only avail the services of Clickmagick if you own a Credit Card which is a major drawback because in a country like India not many use it.

Policy Violation:

You cannot promote everything on this software because you might be violating its policy. Services like dating apps, adult services, and online money making cannot be promoted here. But you can promote them through Qliker.

Advance Tool:

Although it is a good UI software it is not for somebody who is just stepping into the world of digital marketing. You can definitely go for a free trial. But there are better options in the market like Bemob for somebody who is a beginner which comes with much more features than Clickmagick.

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Who should use Clickmagick?

1) Digital Marketers: If you're somebody who is specifically earning through digital marketing, Clickmagick is a one stop solution for you because here you can track everything and improve accordingly.

2) Affiliate Marketers: Affiliate marketing is one of the growing modes of marketing digitally. With affiliate marketing, business provides people with commission against the sales induced by them. You simply act as a catalyst to generate sales. When people click the affiliated link and make a purchase via it, you get your due commission. For e.g. - Youtubers reviewing and providing affiliate links to their subscribers, Amazon associates etc.

3) Website Owners: Self-employed people who earn digitally can also use this software for knowing their potential consumers more deeply and accurately.

4) SEO Marketers: Search Engine Optimization or SEO marketers can also use this website to improve their website suitably to attract quality traffic to their websites/products.

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Overall Clickmagick is one of the decent trackers to go for. It has all the features like other options available in the market and that too at a cheaper rate. If you don't want to invest too much in a tracker Clickmagick is your go to option because it is for all forums of digital marketing present in online space. After using it for a period of time, you will learn how to use its features effectively. You can also try other tracking softwares to figure out which one of them works best for you.


What is Clickmagick?

Clickmagick is a link tracking and monitoring software that helps digital marketers to track ads and focus on most profitable clicks.

Is Clickmagick Free?

Clickmagick provides 14-Day Free Trial on All Accounts.

How much does Clickmagick cost?

Clickmagick Pricing:

  • Starter Plan: $37
  • Standard Plan: $77
  • Pro Plan: $197
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