Top 8 Interesting Facts About Dunzo That You Might Not Know About

Top 8 Interesting Facts About Dunzo That You Might Not Know About

Everyone loves when the requested commodities arrive just in front of you, without any hassle of going outdoors to buy. Thatโ€™s why Dunzo, a micro-market Indian startup company, bestows online consumer services such as pick up and drop, online location discovery, online ordering, Travel services, Local couriers, and other essential deliveries. Is it astounding, to get whatever you want at your doorstep with the help of Dunzo?

Pertinently, Dunzo was founded by Kabeer Biswas and later collaborated with his friends Mukund Jha, Ankur Agarwal, and Dalvir Suri to dilate the company's services. Thatโ€™s when Dunzo was launched in July 2014 as a small hyper-local service in the WhatsApp group which has now enhanced as one of the best delivery services in India.

People adulated Dunzo for arranging a user-friendly experience by connecting throughout the user journey. Dunzo ultimately became a combatant service among Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato, Bigbasket, and Grofers.

Moreover, the company is ranked 4,022 whereas its global rank for the last three months is 67,116, and grown worth 1 billion dollars in the past two years since its commencement.

Let's look at some of the unknown facts about the largest HLD business Dunzo.

1. Googleโ€™s First direct Investment
2. Dunzo Partnership With PepsiCo
3. Dunzo Was Started as a Whatsapp Group
4. Dunzo Follows Hyper-Local Delivery Model
5. Dunzo Partnership With GooglePay During COVID
6. Dunzo Delivers Anything to Everything
7. A User-Friendly Dunzo App
8. Distance-Based Pricing

1. Googleโ€™s First direct Investment

In 2017, Dunzo became Googleโ€™s first direct investment in India and led investors by financing 12 million dollars in the Series E funding round, while the Dunzo company plotted to enlarge its hyperlocal online service.

Till now, it is estimated that Google has invested around 40 million dollars. On note of it, the company has become worth 75.4 million dollars in FY 2021 according to its gross merchandise value.

2. Dunzo Partnership With PepsiCo

Dunzo - Pepsico tie-up
Dunzo - Pepsico tie-up

At the time of the pandemic, Dunzo developed its partnership with the major beverages and food company- PepsiCo India. Besides, Dunzo initiated the success of the partnership with PepsiCo by launching their exclusive brands such as Layโ€™s, Doritos, Quaker, Kurkure, and beverages.

3. Dunzo Was started as a Whatsapp Group

In 2015, Dunzo began its business through WhatsApp by taking small steps and ultimately becoming a massive success and the largest hyper-local delivery service in India.

During 2016, the company received 500 orders a day via WhatsApp, but as of today, they attained over 2 million transactions in a month, resulting in 40 times growth in India.

4. Dunzo Follows Hyper-Local Delivery Model

The company functions in eight major metropolitan cities - Bangalore, Delhi, Gurugram, Pune, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Moreover, Dunzo renders on-demand delivery services via an app, which made convenient and nifty for customers.

Dunzo runs as a Hyperlocal Delivery Business model by engaging on-demand services, delivering medicine from the pharmacy to the patients, as well as courier services. Furthermore, it acts as a guide to people in tracking online locations and delivering ordered items by the customers.

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5. Dunzo Partnership With GooglePay During COVID

Dunzo Partnership with Google Pay
Dunzo Partnership with Google Pay

If you are a person living in a city where Dunzo service is available, you might have used it after the pandemic started in March 2020. Well, I did it to get college books from my seniors. And if you are an ardent user of Google Pay you would have come across the feature to order groceries and medicines through Dunzo. This partnership has been a success for both parties in terms of an increased user base.

6. Dunzo Delivers Anything to Everything

Using Dunzo, users can deliver packages from one place to another; purchase services from merchants that have tie-ups with Dunzo; pick-up and drop-off services; offer delivery services like grocery delivery, medicine delivery, laundry delivery; ย bike taxi, and bike pool services.

Dunzo website showing services enabled by Dunzo
Dunzo website showing services enabled by Dunzo

Purchase of medicines from a pharmacy using the app requires a doctorโ€™s prescription to be accepted as a task. ย 

Dunzo is against users initiating tasks that are illegal, immoral, unethical, and unsafe like narcotic drugs, alcoholic beverages, etc.

7. A User-friendly Dunzo App

Dunzo App
Dunzo App

The Dunzo app has been user-friendly in terms of fulfilling the tasks of its users quickly and accurately. The chat interface in the app allows the users to converse with the partner who is paired to complete the task.

Using this feature, the user can add new tasks, edit or cancel them and images can also be shared of the product if the userโ€™s need is specific or the partner can share the image of the product to finalize with the user before purchase.

Therefore, Consumers can order anything from a store through the Dunzo app or portal, where the ordered products will be delivered by the Dunzo member at their doorstep.

And also Dunzo even makes courier services, where they pick the particular item from the pickup person's address and deliver it to the correct destination.

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8. Distance-Based Pricing

Dunzo charges its customers based on the distance covered and the time spent at a shop. The lowest task price is Rs. 45 that is Rs. 45 for 3 Km and the price increases to Rs. 15 every other Km after. And the average rate for a task is Rs. 75.

The pricing model selected by Dunzo provides much savings to its users and is beneficial for shopping and delivery as it saves and works with a minimal amount of money.


โ€œI will Dunzo it to youโ€ is a common phrase among people especially the younger generation who live in cities where the service is available. Even though the delivery app has made people lazier by doing their tasks for them we cannot ignore the fact that the platform was a major life-saver during the pandemic and for office-goers with a hectic schedule by performing simple tasks for them.

Dunzo had grown as a major business in 2020 by having an average of 4x order value during the COVID crisis. Dunzo has grown 40x in the past two years and is growing at 10-15 percent every month and it raised $40 million from its investors in January 2021.

Dunzoโ€™s success isnโ€™t a fairytale but a success due to understanding the needs of people in these changing times. ย 


What is unique about Dunzo?

Dunzo is a hyper-local on-demand multi-delivery service app working towards fulfilling the requirement of anything and everything. It allows its users to get access to anything and everything as per their demand.

What is the mission of Dunzo?

The mission of Dunzo is stated as "to be the logistics layer of every city."

What is the tagline of Dunzo?

The tagline of Dunzo is "Let's Dunzo It". It stands for transporting anything from one to another as per user demand.

Who is the target audience for Dunzo?

The target audience for Dunzo is considered as anyone who owns a smartphone.

Who invented Dunzo?

Dunzo was invented by the joint efforts of Kabeer Biswas, Ankur Agarwal, Dalvir Suri, and Mukund Jha in July 2014.

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