Top 11 Free Business Listing Sites in India in 2022

Baishali Das Adhikari Baishali Das Adhikari
Feb 1, 2022 9 min read
Top 11 Free Business Listing Sites in India in 2022

We all know that the phone directory used to be an important household for many people. It had a hold on all the numbers that are required to be there with a person. With the changing times and growing technologies, the way of operating the lists has also been upgraded. We have come up with a free business directory for enabling the user to make a list and save them.

Business listing sites not only maintain the contact details but also other required information about one and all altogether. If you are a business owner, you can make a page for your company using these.

Here are some of the top business listing sites that you can use to list your business for free.

How to List your Business on a Business Listing Website?
Benefits of Business Listing
Top Free Business Listing Sites in India

How to List your Business on a Business Listing Website?

It is important for any particular business to get noticed easily on the internet. Any business listing site will help you to create multiple platforms for your name, address, and phone number that will be accessed by potential customers. People nowadays trust customer reviews, which is why a business must have a strong online presence.

Choose a business listing website

There are numerous business listing sites, you must make sure to choose a website that will benefit you in multiple ways.

Claim your business page

Most businesses already have their own pages on some platforms, but they tend to be incomplete or made by a user. This is why you must claim your business page on these business listing sites.

Complete your business listing

After claiming your business page, you must complete your listing with valid and up-to-date information, images and videos so the customers can get an idea of the company. Details such as an address, phone number, services offered, timings, and social media links must be added.

Verify your listing

Any internet user can claim your business listing as their own, which is why you must verify your identity before the listing goes live.

Benefits of Business Listing

Growth of your online presence

The biggest benefit for online businesses is that business listing websites help them maximize their online presence. It is vital to create a business page for your company on different review sites and multiple social media platforms to increase your company’s presence.

Making your business known locally

A business directory helps you target an audience in a particular geographic region. Local business listing websites usually have geographic filters to catch the eye of a potential customer.

Putting out information

The information based on timing, address, contact information, speciality, location, and ratings must be added to the business listing sites. This is done so a potential customer can get in touch with you or purchase your products or services.

Driving your brand engagement

Business listing sites have ratings and customer reviews which helps potential customers in checking your brand engagement before buying products. They also have the potential to attract and redirect traffic to your websites but make sure you manage your listings and engage with your visitors regularly.

Top Free Business Listing Sites in India

1. Google My Business

Google My Business Homepage
Google My Business Homepage

Google My Business is a basic and free business listing platform that enables local businesses to create a company profile as well as enter various information about their enterprise.

This feature in Google My Business complements the Google Maps feature and search functions. It helps you to easily connect with customers across the given time zones. Google My Business is linked to local addresses that are integrated on the very first page of organic search results as well as in Google Maps.

2. Crunchbase

Crunchbase Homepage
Crunchbase Homepage

If finding business information about private and public companies is on your mind, then Crunchbase is the one. This is one of the best business listing websites that helps the user that includes investments as well as funding information. This gives you information on founding members and individuals in leadership positions, mergers and acquisitions, industry trends, and other news.

Founded in 2007, Crunchbase works for sourcing their data in four ways. These have machine learning, a venture program, an in-house data team, and lastly, the Crunchbase community. The information submitted is subjected to social validation, registration. These are at times reviewed by a moderator before getting accepted for publication.

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3. Yelp

Yelp Homepage
Yelp Homepage

Yelp is a crowd-sourced, modern and online version of the yellow pages. Yelp enables all businesses to attract customers through online word of mouth. It is a good way to reach people who actively search as well as intend to make a purchase.

It is preferable to list your business in Yelp, which is one of the free business listing sites available. In Yelp, you can update your information, comment on reviews, upload photos and can do many other things.

4. Meta for Business

Meta for Business Homepage
Meta for Business Homepage

Meta for Business (Previously Facebook for Business) is one of the most popular business listing websites around the world. This helps you to get a supply of detailed information. There is a 'Submit your business' page that you can fill in to start your listing.

Facebook Business gets the users the latest news, advertising tips and best practices. It also shows various case studies for using Meta to meet the company's business goals.

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5. Linkedin

Linkedin Business Homepage
Linkedin Business Homepage

There are more than 30 million companies right now that are actively using Linkedin for listing their companies. Linkedin marketing tools have been made available for every business size and type. No matter if you are a small or a large or a B2B to B2C.

It is easy to list your business as well as you can get a hassle-free experience. This site helps you to get equipped with the best tools, making it one of the top listing sites. It also helps you get the most out of your Linkedin marketing strategy for free.

6. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor Homepage
Tripadvisor Homepage

‌With great photos, updated information, and rave reviews, Tripadvisor helps your future customers see your unique business’s locations. This helps to get as many eyes as possible if you are listing your business on TripAdvisor. It gets around 730 million reviews and opinions. Also, it attracts monthly unique visitors on an average of 490 million on over 8.1 million businesses.

There are guidelines and manuals on how you would enlist your business on Tripadvisor. It is easy, free, and comes without any hassle.

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7. Verizon Business (Previously Yahoo Small Business)

Verizon Business Homepage
Verizon Business Homepage

Verizon Business (Previously Yahoo Small Business) offers a lot. It ensures your customers find the exact information about your business. You can track everything from profile views to calls. Some business listing sites like Yahoo allow you to use competitive insights in case you want to make informed business decisions.

Not only this, but you can also monitor as well as respond to reviews throughout the platforms quickly from one place, using Verizon Business (Previously Yahoo Small Business) Localworks. It also enables the user to interact with the team experts within a certain allotted time regarding any complaints or questions.

8. Glassdoor

Glassdoor Homepage
Glassdoor Homepage

‌‌Glassdoor enables you to create an official online presence on the popular jobs website. It helps you to attract the right hires for your business needs. Glassdoor is mong the best business listing sites that hold a set of reviews for your business through which you can get the most number of people seeking your company.

These company reviews have been proved valuable for 83% of job seekers. These work especially when it comes to deciding where they want to work. They can only see those reviews if you have listed the company on the Glassdoor listing.

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9. Bing Places

‌‌Bing is one of the top search engines that has taken over the world, after Google. Bing is one of the best, as it is used as a default search engine on many Windows devices.

There are mainly three categories of businesses you can list on Bing. They are first, the Local or small business with a storefront, chain business that comes with multiple locations, and lastly, businesses offering services at customer locations.

So here are a few that are running successfully. These websites have been helpful for many businesses out there, regardless of their types and sizes. If you want to grow your business and want a good takeoff, you can rely upon these websites, without any doubt.

10. Justdial

Justdial Homepage
Justdial Homepage

‌‌JustDial is a well-known business listing site in India 2021 as it is free, fast, and reliable along with service activities between the business and its customer. JustDial is a one-stop-shop, where you can plan your business's promotion so it grows rapidly. JustDial is unique compared to other free business listing sites as it has features like rate and review features, best deals, last-minute deals, and live quotes to help users get the best discounts and businesses get to showcase their specialities.

JustDial is one of the leading IT company’s in India that offers services over websites, apps, and phones. The company was founded by VSS Mani in 1998 and has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. JustDial currently has a database of over 29.4 million listings and 536,236 active paid campaigns.

11. Yellowpages

Yellowpages Homepage
Yellowpages Homepage

‌‌Yellowpages is the best local business listing site that is simple and easy to use. It just has the name and phone number of the business is listed alphabetically with other listed businesses in the category. Another advantage of listing your business on Yellowpages is that it will reach millions of people around the world. Yellowpages is one of the best-known and trusted providers.

The company is one of the most popular telephone and business directories. The company first started out by printing yellow paper instead of white pages for non-commercial listings. It has now well known for being a free business directory of businesses.

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When it comes to listing your businesses online, there are plenty of websites now which can help you avail of this benefit. A lot of startups have gained customers whether online or offline through the listing. In today's world, it has become easier to attract first-time audiences but to keep them as retaining users, the product that is provided must give them a good experience.


How can I list my business online for free?

You can use free listing websites to list your business online for free.

Which site is best for business listing?

Google My Business, Crunchbase, Yelp, Meta for Business, and Yahoo Small Business are some of the best free business listing websites.

What are free listing sites?

Free listing websites are websites that help you list your business and maintain the address, phone number, services offered, timings, and social media links that are displayed to potential customers.

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