How to Get a Raise at Your Job?

Parnas Ghosh Parnas Ghosh
Jan 24, 2020 3 min read
How to Get a Raise at Your Job?

Do you think that you are working more for the price you are being paid? Do you see other people in your work stream getting more money than you? Well, then it might be a time to ask for raise. If you have been a good employee, chances are that you will Get a Raise in Your Job pretty quickly. But these are some tips to Get a Raise at Your Job.

Have a strong case

The biggest mistake you will do is to tell your boss that people in the other companies doing the same work as you are getting paid more than you. Believe me, you will not get a Raise in Your Job and also the boss might tell you to go work for these people only. Every company has a different pay standard. What you can do instead is that you can tell them about the work you are doing and that you have done. Tell them how you have been benefiting the company and how much work you are putting in. Just try not to sound arrogant. Arrogance will take you now hear. Also, you need to tell them what you plan to do I’m the future if you get this raise. How will your work become better and help the company? If they are still. My satisfied then you can look for other jobs paying you. Better.

Research and know the exact number

Research - How to get raise in your job
Research - How to get raise in your job

This might sound a little obvious but this is very important to Get a Raise in Your Job. Do not ask for an unrealistic amount of raise, this will not only get your request cancelled but will also make you look bad in front of your boss. So do some research and come out with the exact amount you want as a raise. Check your companies’ policies on giving raise. If your company has a policy of 5% then you might ask for 10% so that you have the space to negotiate. But increasing tip a whopping 50% would be totally wrong.

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Timing matters a lot when putting a raise request. You need to find a suitable time to bring this up. If your company has had a loss period or the work pressure is extremely high, this is not the time to ask for a raise. If you do then you will get rejected. Ask for a raise when the time is right. After a review session or after a profitable quarter.

Do not complain

It’s a rat race outside and people are dying to get your job. So telling your boss that you have been doing so much work or you are handling two people’s jobs is going to tick him off. Also, do not complain about how things like you have not got a raise in a long time and you want it now. Complaining can stick your employer off and you might not get a raise.

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Don’t quote the number first

This might sound a little weird but let me explain. If you quote the number first it might look rude. So let your employees tell you how much raise they want to give you. This number might even be bigger than you had quoted, so this might turn profitable to you. But generally, your boss will give you the lowest number possible and you can give him the highest number possible so you have the chance to negotiate.

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Do not make it personal

Personal and professional life is set different for a reason. Do not bring in your personal problems like your home issues as the reason for getting a raise. The company is not responsible for how your family is brought up. So make your raise request on the basis of the reason, not sympathy. Also, it is never advisable to threaten your employer. Telling them that you will leave if you don’t get a raise is literally the worst thing you can do for your own career. Chances are that they would actually tell you to leave and find someone to replace you in no time. But you will have a bad review from the company and it might take you a lot of time to find a job. Something is better than nothing.

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