LeadKlozer: A Must-have Social Media Engagement App For Your Business

Dev Kumar Padhy Dev Kumar Padhy
Apr 8, 2021 6 min read
LeadKlozer: A Must-have Social Media Engagement App For Your Business

Closing leads is the first step for any successful online business. It has become more important than ever for business owners to prioritize engagement with their customers in less time.

But running a business is no easy task and trying to connect to your customers simultaneously will drain your resources. What you need is to find a way to connect with our audience and maximize your social media presence.

Presenting LeadKlozer…

LeadKlozer dashboard
LeadKlozer dashboard

What is LeadKlozer?
LeadKlozer- Features
LeadKlozer - Pricing
LeadKlozer - FAQ’s

What is LeadKlozer?

LeadKlozer is a must-have social media CRM tool for any aspiring business owner. It helps users maximize engagement with their customers and turn casual fans into potential leads for sales.

It has great features for prioritizing, tracking, and responding to leads, all in one place.

So up your Facebook marketing game with LeadKlozer.

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LeadKlozer- Features

Live Interaction dashboards

LeadKlozer has a number of live searches, follow-up, and interaction dashboards that collect and organize an individual lead activity in real-time. Users can use the filterable search tools to see live interactions, top-performing posts, messages, lead forms, chatbots, and ads.

Post/ Ad tracker

The post/ad tracker is a dashboard that shows your most engaging ads or posts over a  period of time. You can interact with these posts/ads instantly within LeadKlozer.

LeadKlozer's Post/Ad tracker
LeadKlozer's Post/Ad tracker

Live tracker columns

You can now sort your business's social engagements into scannable columns.

Sort the full feed of your business’s social engagements into scannable columns. For instance, you may want to focus on a particular ad or manage several different ads on FB pages and be able to see the relevant engagements for each page separately.

A list of all available column sorting options

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With an advanced search engine you can create highly customized lists of your leads in seconds.

You can see your leads’ recent comments, interactions, or your top 25 “Most Engaged” leads.

The smart search feature allows you to segment all your contacts into prioritized lists based on the search criteria that are most important to your business.

With this one click, this feature allows you to see a list of all your TOP rated leads and customers.

LeadKlozer allows users to view and interact with their top leads
LeadKlozer allows users to view and interact with their top leads

It provides all the relevant information about your most engaging leads or high-quality decision-making.

Smart Schedules

LeadKlozer will help users schedule and manage follow-up tasks easily to ensure that no leads fall through the cracks. As you can deal with all your social engagement aspects on LeadKlozer, it will automatically notify you of any schedule related to a lead right after an interaction takes place.

Update your tasks immediately and keep your schedules organized instantaneously.

Daily Goals

LeadKlozer’s daily goals section is an automated way for your to track and review your performance. It is designed in a way to ensure users are focusing on all aspects of their business - lead generation, customer retention, and business marketing strategies.

Smart Score

Smart Score is an automatic lead prioritization system for your contacts based on LeadKlozer’s internal algorithm, It shows users what their most important leads are and allows them to set priorities according to close more leads.

Smart score points are accumulated through interactions that are automatically entered into LeadKlozer from the FB page they are connected to.


Scripts are templates for introductions, explanations, social messages, texts, emails, and replies that you can access within seconds to respond to your leads.

They can be used to cultivate client relationships for up-selling and cross-selling. They can even be developed and used for partners in your business, and influencers.

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LeadKlozer - Pricing

$59/Year Annual Plan A

1 Facebook Page
1 Admin
1 User
15,000 Contacts
Unlimited Contacts
Live Interaction Dashboards
Live Tracker
Search & Follow-Up Dashboards
Smart Search
Smart Schedules
Lead Priorities & Messaging
Smart Facebook Inboxes
Smart Score

$249/Year Annual Plan B

5 Facebook Pages
1 Admin
5 Users
30,000 Contacts
Zapier (coming soon)
All the $59 Yearly Plan Features

$499/Year Annual Plan B

40 Facebook Pages
40 Users
10 Sub-Accounts
60,000 Contacts
Super Fan Custom Audiences (coming soon)
Zapier (coming soon)
All the $59 Yearly Plan Features

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LeadKlozer - FAQ’s

What Social Networks Are Integrated Within LeadKlozer?

- LeadKlozer is fully integrated with Facebook pages, automatically bringing in interactions from all reactions, comments, replies, messages, chatbots, and Lead Ad Forms. More Social Networks are coming soon!

What Social Media Interactions Automatically Come Into LeadKlozer?

Below is a list of all the information that you can expect to AUTOMATICALLY come into your LeadKlozer account based on what Facebook allows third-party platforms to fetch from their social network.

  1. Facebook Page Posts - Comments, Replies, Reactions
  2. Facebook Page Ads - Comments, Reactions, Replies, Message Ads, Lead Ad Forms
  3. Facebook Page Inbox and Chatbots - All Conversations

How to add own activities like calls and meetings on LeadKlozer?

LeadKlozer makes it super easy to record offline interactions on the go, whether on desktop or using your smartphone, so you’ll never have to leave it for later and possibly forget it.


Many people have been waiting for something like LeadKlozer. It is great for businesses, agencies, or even freelancers involved in Facebook marketing. It will save you at least a couple of hours every day and help you attract a number of leads.

So no more clicking back and forth or using tons of different apps for your Facebook marketing. Like, comment, or message to all your clients without ever having to LeadKlozer.

Make your business and your marketing seamless with LeadKlozer.

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