Magnum Ice Cream - Marketing Strategy | Secrets Behind Magnum's Success

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Feb 10, 2022 7 min read
Magnum Ice Cream - Marketing Strategy | Secrets Behind Magnum's Success

Brands like Magnum become instant favorites of people. The credit goes to the public relations team that works behind the scenes and creates mind-boggling marketing strategies and advertisements. These help the brand build its place in the market. And for Magnum, it's Unilever that is responsible for the media spend spanning across TV, outdoor, digital, and PR mediums.

FMCG Giant Unilever has also expanded its distribution from its stronghold of Europe to the US and China. Its popularity in India is only increasing with each passing day. The company’s marketing strategy makes it a formidable competitor, lures people into trying Magnum Ice Cream, markets the ice cream as an adult indulgence brand with a touch of sex appeal, and communicates the royal theme of the brand.

Magnum - About
Magnum - Marketing Strategy in a Nutshell
Magnum - Target Audience
Magnum - SWOT Analysis
Magnum - Brand Positioning
Magnum - Inbound Strategies
Magnum - Mobile Campaigns
Magnum - Social Media for Marketing Campaign
Magnum - Celebrity-Endorsed Advertisements
Magnum - Outbound Strategy

Magnum Icecream Launch Event

Magnum - About

Magnum Ice Cream was developed in Belgium at the Ola laboratory in cooperation with the Belgian chocolate producer Callebaut. It was released in Germany in the year 1989 as an upmarket/luxury ice cream for the Nogger brand. Magnum is now owned by the British/Dutch company Unilever. The company also has a strong social media presence via Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Magnum Ice Cream has emphasized its dominance by coming up with highly imaginative flavor combinations, fancy packaging, and limited edition promotions. With the help of Magnum, Unilever remains an innovator responsible for single-handedly pushing forward the variety of extravagant confectionary blends that can be successfully packaged as an ice-cream stick.

The company began testing a dairy-free vegan version of ice cream in selected markets (including New Zealand and Sweden) in 2019. Magnum wasn’t popular in the United States but with the changes in the premium ice cream sector in the country in recent years, partly because of Nestle’s Haagen Dazs ice cream bars, it is gaining traction. Magnum was launched in the US in 2011.

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Magnum - Marketing Strategy in a Nutshell

Magnum Ice cream Marketing Strategy
Magnum Marketing Strategy

Magnum - Target Audience

Magnum's target audience belongs to the 14-45 years age group. It has loyal customers who prefer premium ice cream. The target market of Magnum is the upper niche class. The company focus on people who wouldn’t mind spending a bit more on ice cream to indulge in supreme quality eatables. These people are willing to spend on style, quality, brand value, status, etc.

The global sales figure of Magnum was $2.54 billion in 2015 which was an increase of 8% from the year before. Unilever strives to maintain its edge in most markets by positioning Magnum as an affordable luxury treat for adults. The segmentation of Magnum's target audience is done on the basis of income, social status, economic class, and esteem level.

Magnum Ice Cream's marketing strategy focuses on the smaller but elite segment of the society. Magnum takes into consideration the needs and the benefits of customers which are useful for identifying market opportunities and developing value propositions.

Magnum - SWOT Analysis

The strengths, weaknesses, opportunity, threats of Magnum

Magnum - Brand Positioning

Positioning is extremely important for the brand when it tries to build an image in the minds of its customers. It involves parameters that differentiate the product from the competitors in the same category. Positioning means how consumers rate Magnum in comparison to other ice cream brands such as Amul, Baskin-Robbins, and Mother Dairy. They also happen to be the main competitors of Magnum.

Magnum's positioning strategy can only be sustained if it continues to deliver the promised consumer value. The quality and price positioning state higher price for higher quality. Magnum’s positioning appeals to stylish people and the customers that associate a premium brand with priceless quality.

Magnum - Inbound Strategies

When Magnum was launched in India in February 2014, the Magnum Pleasure Patrol was an activation executed as part of the launch. Over 2000 people across Mumbai and Pune got to taste Magnum ice cream samples from 22nd February to 24th February, 2014. A luxury vehicle visited gourmet cafes, malls, and heavy foot fall areas with an emcee and a camera crew capturing people's reactions after their first bite of Magnum's ice cream.

There was another campaign in which people offered their idea of pleasure, be it a day at the spa or unlimited shopping. They were put through the Magnum Pleasure test that required them to choose between Magnum and their idea of pleasure after having tasted some ice cream. Understandably, all resistance failed while Magnum scored on the test.

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Magnum - Mobile Campaigns

The Magnum marketing team came up with a rich media mobile ad campaign that would allow users to directly tweet from within the mobile ad. The mobile ad campaign was part of an all-encompassing marketing strategy that included both ATL and BTL executions.

This ad campaign provided Magnum the platform to reach out quickly to a large user base and create awareness. It also got people talking about Magnum through Tweets and pictures and maximized their participation in the Twitter contest.

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Magnum - Social Media for Marketing Campaign

Magnum came up with a two-phase marketing campaign strategy that promoted the product to the masses in a controlled manner. The first phase offered exclusivity. To prioritize distribution of the product, the brand asked people to Tweet for limited Magnum Infinity ice creams to be distributed in their city.

The city with the most Tweets got to try the limited Magnum Infinity first. By doing this, each Tweet represented a chance for a person residing in some city to try the product before everyone else. To sustain excitement and drive sales, Magnum launched the second phase of the campaign where the consumer's Tweet earned him or her a chance to go on a trip to London. The person who collected the most points won. One could either Tweet or put up a unique code on Twitter to participate.

By providing consumers an interface to Tweet within the ad, the campaign got them talking about the brand and their experience with Magnum Infinity. It helped Magnum to connect with the intended audience and generated a buzz among people about Magnum Infinity. The campaign also ensured continuous user engagement and increased the brand-recall.

Magnum - Celebrity-Endorsed Advertisements

Kareena Kapoor Khan as the Brand Ambassador
Kareena Kapoor Khan as the Brand Ambassador of MAGNUM

Brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan has been roped in to urge consumers to get #LostinPleasure through a selfie campaign. The month-long contest is asking people to send in their selfies with a Magnum Ice Cream stick in hand, and a creative reason to why Magnum gets them lost in pleasure. The top 5 most creative and attractive selfies shall win a chance to meet Kareena and take a selfie with her.

The winners' selfie with Kareena shall also be featured in the Times City edition. A dedicated micro-site has been created for the selfie campaign. Powered by Facebook and Twitter logins, the micro-site allows users to share their entries and also showcases all of the submitted entries in the gallery section.

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Magnum - Outbound Strategy

Magnum's marketing success is heavily reliant on its outbound strategy which is evident through its ATL activities and out-of-home campaigns. Since the brand connects with well-travelled people, it is present in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. For outbound marketing, Magnum conducts hyper-local activities that can be measured in sales. One such instance is the product launch spike in areas with high footfall.

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Magnum - FAQs

Who is the brand ambassador of Magnum?

Kareena Kapoor Khan is Magnum's Brand Ambassador.

What is Magnum's Pricing Strategy?

The quality and price positioning of Magnum state higher price for higher quality. Magnum’s positioning appeals to stylish people and the customers that associate a premium brand with priceless quality.

What is Magnum's target market?

Magnum's target audience belongs to the 14-45 years age group. It has loyal customers who prefer premium ice cream. The target market of Magnum is the upper niche class.

Who owns Magnum?

Magnum is now owned by the British/Dutch company Unilever.

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