Best Alternatives to Moz for SEO in 2022

Bharath Bharath
Jan 10, 2022 10 min read
Best Alternatives to Moz for SEO in 2022

SEO, expanded as Search Engine Optimization is a process that helps in making websites or content rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It optimizes the contents to improve its visibility on top of the page as gains more traffic than the others. Therefore, SEO becomes more essential for businesses and bloggers to attract audiences by staying on the primary page of search results.

Google has regularized and improved the SEOs by building algorithms in a way, that ensures the quality and authenticity of websites. Now, there are various companies that help others in building SEOs and Moz is one of the most used.

Moz is an all-in-one tool that is most trusted by the digital community. It helps businesses manage numerous aspects of their SEO campaign. Starting as an SEO blog, today Moz has built its empire firmly by having generated around 40.7 trillion links and 500 million keywords. They offer a comprehensive set of SEO features and stand to be a good choice for individual, small and medium businesses.

There are other tools that are giving tough competition to Moz and provide powerful SEO solutions. Here are some of the best alternatives for Moz that can be used to get ranked higher on search engines.

About Moz
Need for an Alternative for Moz
Best Alternatives for Moz - Free Tools

  1. SEOquake
  2. Google Keyword Planner
  3. SEO Book

Best Alternatives for Moz - Paid Tools

  1. SEMrush
  2. Ahrefs
  3. Majestic
  4. SpyFu
  5. Screaming Frog
  6. SE Ranking
  7. SEOquake
  8. Mangools
  9. Raven Tool
  10. Serpstat


About Moz

Moz was first started in 2004 as a blog to speak contents on SEO. Their prowess in the field transformed them from bloggers to SEO consultants and later into developers. Their tools like Moz Local and Moz Pro have helped customers and businesses in developing and managing their own SEO strategies.

Here are some of Moz’s best features:

  • Moz Keyword Explorer does deep analysis and gives you suggestions for a better keyword optimization.
  • Moz Pro has its own Site Crawl feature that identifies and report errors to ensure better SEO performances.
  • It gives an in-depth evaluation for your backlinks from their massive collections, through their Link Explorer.


Free Trial – 30 days
Standard – $99/month
Medium – $179/month
Large – $249/month
Premium – $599/month
You can save 20% on yearly plans.

Need for an Alternative for Moz

  • The navigation structure of Moz is poor and you can’t find the required tools easily.
  • Though the services are worthy of their prices, they seem to be costly compared to their competitors.
  • There is no complete automation for some processes and this stands to be a disadvantage for larger companies.
  • Users need to possess some technical knowledge for the efficient utilization of their services.

Best Alternatives for Moz - Free Tools


SEOQuake - Best Alternatives to Moz
SEOquake - Best Alternatives to Moz

SEOquake is a free extension available for browser and can be added to the webpage. Whenever we open a website link, the SEO dashboard shows brief information of the site like, backlinks, ranking, domain, etc., SEO audits can be conducted in real-time and results can be exported. SEOquake is really quick in analyzing the SEO of any page within seconds. New users may find it difficult to understand the contents of dashboard due to lack of information. If your need is to just have a quick and basic analysis of a website, then SEOquake is the best option and it is also free. However, this tool may not be recommended for in-depth analysis.


SEOquake is a completely free plug-in available for download to anyone using Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner - Best Alternatives to Moz
Google Keyword Planner - Best Alternatives to Moz

Google Keyword Planner is a powerful tool that helps to research keywords for your site. They help you discover and organize keywords, analyze their historical data, and determine the cost of your ad. Keyword Planner makes your search easy by narrowing them down to location, date, language, organic impression, competition level and many more. Google Keyword Planner has less search volume data compared to Moz. But they provide competition metrics for each and every keyword, that proves highly useful for the users.


Google Keyword Planner is a Free tool. The only thing is you need to have an account in Google Ads to access it.

SEO Book

SEOBook - Best Alternatives to Moz
SEOBook - Best Alternatives to Moz

SEO Book is a web-based free SEO site that offers various tools for analyzing keywords like the Keyword suggestion tool, List generator, List cleaner, Density Analyzer, Keyword wrapper, etc., They also offer extension tools for Firefox web browser. In addition to this, they provide guidance and training programs on SEO, Keyword analysis and Link building. Unlike Moz, it is an easy, simple and free tool to use for keyword analytics.


SEO Book Keyword Tools comes at Free of cost.

Best Alternatives for Moz - Paid Tools


SEMrush - Best Alternatives to Moz
SEMrush - Best Alternatives to Moz

SEMrush leads the SEO market by their extensive services, provided through 20+ impressive SEO tools. Their data library includes 20 billion keywords that serve over 130+ countries with around 830 million domains. They help you in bringing Organic Traffic to your website through their advanced keywords research tool. SEMrush also offers rank tracking and backlink analysis. You can formulate your own SEO strategies through their numerous SEO and marketing research tools. SEMrush assists you with a good product and usage guide for every process, which Moz lacks.

Try Semrush


SEMrush has three plans and a discount of 17% when purchased annually. There’s also a free plan with limited facilities. Free trial for 7 days is given, when any of the given plans are purchased.
Pro – $119.95/month
Guru – $229.95/month
Business – $449.95/month

Moz Vs Semrush


ahreFs - Best Alternatives to Moz
ahreFs - Best Alternatives to Moz

Ahrefs has one of the largest backlink databases with more than 15 trillion links. They can do keywords research on 10 search engines and does the best website crawl through its Site Audit feature. Ahrefs keeps adding some new data, every few minutes to its index. They also feed you with rank tracking, SEO optimization, organic keyword research and gap monitoring, to look, where and how you could stay ahead of your competitors. They possess the best backlink tracking compared to Moz and other competitors. However, Ahrefs fails to integrate with Google Analytics.


Ahrefs gives complete access to the tool at $7 for 7 days. Other than this they’ve four plans.
Lite – $99/month
Standard – $179/month
Advanced – $399/month
Agency – $999/month (customizable plan)


Majestic - Best Alternatives to Moz
Majestic - Best Alternatives to Moz

Majestic is another tool, that is specialized in Backlinks. They possess a large link index and brag it to be the biggest. A tool called Site Exploration Summary gives an overview of a website’s profile and analyze it through a list of metrics like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Visibility Flow, Topical Trust Flow and Flow Metric Scores. Hence, Majestic is better than Moz in determining a site's metrics. They also provide features to look deep into backlink's profile, which Moz doesn't offer. The link research process can be done real quick and effectively through them. Majestic focuses only on backlinks and it is not an all-in-one tool.


There’s no free trial available and Majestic has three plans for users. You can enjoy a discount, while you opt for yearly plans.
Lite – $49.99/month
Pro – $99.99/month
API – $399.99/month


spyFu - Best Alternatives to Moz
SpyFu - Best Alternatives to Moz

SpyFu basically qualifies themselves in keyword research, ranking, PPC and SEO. They can get you the complete details of any domain and its appearance in Google in past 15 years. SpyFu fills you with regular updates of competitors like changes in their strategy, emerging new competitors and any activities they do related to keywords. It helps you make quick changes or take necessary action to increase your website’s traffic and stay up in the competition. Spyfu is better at meeting the needs of customers than Moz. But when it comes to the product quality and other features, Moz out beats SpyFu.


No free trial is offered but there’s a free plan with limited options. SpyFu promises you a saving of $732 when you opt for annual billing. Here are their monthly bills:
Basic – $39/month
Professional – $69/month
Unlimited – $129/month

List of Best SEO Competitor Analysis Tools to use
Digital marketers know the importance of keyword for ranking on Google. Here are the Best SEO Competitor Analysis Tools to help you rank better.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog - Best Alternatives to Moz
Screaming Frog - Best Alternatives to Moz

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is mainly a crawler software that is used by companies like Apple, Google, Disney, Amazon and a few others. It crawls the website to address data for SEO problems. They help to identify and fix broken links, find duplicate contents through md5 algorithmic check, extract data using XPath, regex or CSS and analyze pages and metadata. Crawl audits can be scheduled to run at regular intervals and resulting data can be exported to Google Sheets. But crawling on large sites, using Screaming Frog, can be time-consuming. Screaming can be a decent, but not the best, alternative for Moz.


There’s a free version and a paid version which is available at €149/year. Purchasing of more Screaming Frog licenses comes at some discounted prices accordingly.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking - Best Alternatives to Moz
SE Ranking - Best Alternatives to Moz

SE Ranking is a complete SEO package that can perform SEO tasks, ranking of websites, analyzing competitors, keyword and backlink research, etc., In-depth optimization of your page can be done to improve your search ranking. This is done through Website Audit Tool, which helps to move your website to top 10 search results by finding out the issues and providing solutions to fix them. Sometimes keywords get displayed in a de-organized manner, which creates difficulty in choosing them. Overall, SE Ranking is considered to be a better alternative for Moz in terms of SEO audit, competitive analysis and beginner-friendly.


There’s a free trial of 14 days. SE Ranking offers discounts from 5% - 60% on their pricing plan given below:
Essential – $31/month (250 keywords)
Pro – $71/month (1000 keywords)
Business – $151/month (2500 keywords)


Mangools - Best Alternatives to Moz
Mangools - Best Alternatives to Moz

Mangools is an affordable and easy-to-use SEO toolset, that is of great help to bloggers, SMEs, SEOs and affiliate marketers. They’ve some big companies as customers like, Adidas, Airbnb, Alexa, etc., KWFinder, one of their popular tools, helps in identifying long-tailed keywords with minimal effort. SERPWatcher gives regular updates for your website on ranking, which is determined irrespective of locations or countries. In addition to this, they also perform their regular duties like keyword and backlink research and SEO metrics. Mangools is reasonable alternative to Moz.


Mangools offers 10 days free trial which is followed by three monthly plans. Yearly plans come at a discount of 40%.
Mangools Basic – $49/month
Mangools Premium – $69/month
Mangools Agency – $129/month

Raven Tool

Raven Tools - Best Alternatives to Moz
Raven Tools - Best Alternatives to Moz

Raven Tools, LLC is a comprehensive tool that deals with SEO, PPC and social media marketing. They help you with website and keyword ranking, generating analysis reports, extensive competitor research and link-building strategies. Issues in your website can be diagnosed and rectified by their Website Auditor Tool for better performance. They have a few glitches while providing another website's information. Though Raven Tool lacks features like Live and In-Person training, E-mail, help desk and other support services that are provided by Moz, they still stand to be good in what they offer.


There’s a free plan of Raven Tools with limited features and you can save 30% on yearly plans. Below are their lists of monthly plans:
Small Biz – $49/month
Start – $109/month
Grow – $199/month
Thrive – $299/month
Lead – $479/month


Serpstat  - Best Alternatives to Moz
Serpstat - Best Alternatives to Moz

Serpstat provides you with 30+ tools that help in SEO, PPC and market analysis. With the number of features offered, their prices are considered to be cheaper than competitors. Their PPC research helps you analyze and identify the reasons for competitor's success and helps you improve it. Other than this, they perform functions like crawling, text analytics, team management, rank tracking and many more. Serpstat provides Keyword clustering and text analytics features that are unavailable at Moz. They are a passable alternative for Moz.


Serpstat has four monthly and yearly plans with an additional plan for big enterprises, which is priced based on their requirements. Annual plans come at 20% discount.
Lite – $69/month
Standard – $149/month
Advanced – $299/month
Enterprise – $499/month


Using appropriate SEO tools for the development of your business has become essential in the world of websites today. There are plenty of options piled up before you to choose the best one and that could be confusing. Moz is definitely a good tool but they have their drawbacks too. So, here are some of the best tools available in the market as of now. Almost all of the paid tools have a free trial or free plan, which you can give a try to know them better. Choosing the right tool will help your business grow with time.


Which SEO tools are best alternatives to Moz?

Some of the best Moz alternative SEO Tools are:

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Majestic
  • SpyFu
  • Screaming Frog
  • SE Ranking
  • SEOquake
  • Mangools
  • Raven Tool
  • Serpstat

Who are the top competitors of Moz?

Some of the top competitors of Moz are:

  • Semrush
  • SpyFu
  • Serpstat
  • Ahrefs
  • SE Ranking

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