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Ola Just Gave Away a Free Ride for a Tweet, Wins heart!

August 27, 2017

Well, mostly it is believed that the private business organizations are here to do pure business and they won’t believe in anything else, which is very true. As it is the number one rule of the business administration that “earning money is the sole motto of any business”. But this statement and myth are broken by the Ola cabs providing service who turns out to be very sweet. Well folks the story which I’m about share with you all, will let you see the generous and sweet side of the Ola as they just gave a free ride for a Tweet.

Well, a guy named Jeroz Nishanth from the IT city Bangalore tweeted on 23rd that his friends with hearing loss are planning a trip from Bangalore to Mysore and asked on Twitter which cab service is cheaper, Ola or Uber by tagging them. Here’s what the tweet read, “#Help My friends with hearing loss are planning a trip from Bangalore to Mysore. Which one is cheaper @Olacabs or @Uber_India ?”

And like all of us he doesn’t expect any reply from the both cab services, but out of his and everyone else believes, Ola team replied back and their reply shocked everyone to the core. The Ola tweeted back from the official Ola Twitter handle wrote, The tweet read, “How about a free ride?

Like every sane person Nishanth doesn’t believe it and considered it as a joke, so he retweeted that,”Are you serious. No Kidding okay.”

To that Ola team further tweeted,”Of course! Consider this as our gift to them for the long weekend. Also, we’d be more than happy to bring them back too.”

He still can’t  believe that, well, to be honest, it’s hard to believe, so he further asked,”That’d be super awesome! But, they are 6 of them and they will be there for 3 days.  “

Well, the Ola being the super sweet tweeted again, “So will we!! Please ask your friends to book an #OlaOutstation using the ‘Ride Later’ option and share their CRN & we’ll get it done.”

Okay, now that’s an utterly sweet gesture by the Ola and they showed the true picture of humanity and customers satisfaction.


Oyo Rooms also joined the league and offered some pretty good discount on the hotel booking.

So, folks share your doubts on the Twitter and you never know which surprise might get the next. But all in all this sweet gesture of Ola and Oyo is very nice and other business organizations should also do something to surprise customers like this! 

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