How To Market Your Photography Business- A Guide

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Sep 14, 2021 6 min read
How To Market Your Photography Business- A Guide

Marketing strategy is an important factor when you set up a business. It aims at targeting potential consumers and convert them as our customers for our products/services. The marketing strategy of a business consists of the company’s value, target customers, branding and other essential elements.

Marketing mainly concentrates on selling more products to more and more customers and it is also important to know about our customers’ needs. Marketing a product/service is a continuous process with some innovation in a regular interval.

It is vital to strategise your marketing which aids you to bring in more profit to the company and at the same time attract more customers. According to a study conducted by Coschedule, the company’s having market strategies are 313% more likely to report success in their marketing campaigns.

An effective Marketing plan and profitability are the key factors for a successful company. It is marketing that elevates your business profile.

Stepwise Guide for Marketing Your Photography Business
Step 1. Identifying the target market
Step 2. Create a customer database
Step 3. Engage in social media
Step 4. Go referral spree
Step 5. Collect and add testimonials on your website
Step 6. Get featured in photography blogs
Step 7. Display your photographs on photo-sharing sites

How to market your photography business

Stepwise Guide for Marketing Your Photography Business

Step 1. Identifying the target market

As the first step, you should choose a niche that suits your interests. There are varieties in photography like food, wedding, Wildlife, family portrait, celebrity shoot etc. Having a clear picture of your niche makes it easy to target a market. Be passionate about whichever niche you have chosen and concentrate on marketing. Do not go behind too many things as it reduces your efficiency.

After a while, expansion of business is important, for example- if you choose wedding photography as a profession then have connections with other vendors that cater services to the bride. This is one of the marketing strategies to attract more customers.

Step 2. Create a customer database

Once you stick to a specific niche, now you should start creating a customer database. This database may consist of all your past and present customers. This kind of database helps your business to track the customers. These days photography has boomed as people are obsessed with capturing their memories. So get along with the customers, send follow-ups and offers some discounts to your regular customers. This way you can increase the customer database and also expect high returns.

Many Softwares are helping you to create an effective customer database like CRM, Nutshell, Insightly etc. These Software have features like tracking your expenses, creating questionnaires and also can sync with other apps.

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Step 3. Engage in social media

Increase your network through social media platforms. On social media platforms, you can showcase your activities and other projects. Especially for the photography business, creating a website or adding their creative shoots on social media will help in expanding the customer base.

In case of creating a website, add your achievement lists, for making the website even interesting add professional photographs and also give the insights about behind the shoot in a separate section called blog. Inculcate Search engine optimization (SEO) which allows your website to be ranked well on google searches.

Social media marketing also includes Pinterest marketing to serve your photography business with more value.

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Step 4. Go referral spree

Word of mouth helps the best marketing tool for the photography business. Ask your customers to leave feedback after getting the service or write a review on social media about your work. By this referral marketing technique, you can guarantee the customer to offer discounts or some free services in future.

When you kick off your business, it is always your friends, family and close relatives who support you throughout your journey and they act as the biggest source of referrals.

Don’t forget to extend your gratitude to all those who make referrals.

Step 5. Collect and add testimonials on your website

Testimonials act as a trust factor between you and the customers. The testimonials are proof of your achievements and a catalyst to increase the customer base. Maintain originality and don’t hesitate to ask for testimonials from your happy and satisfied customers. This is the best way for a photography business to promote its activities and get more leads.

Nowadays blogging has become a popular way for promoting your business. All your efforts will be paid off when you get featured on various platforms and blogs. This can be the best marketing strategy for a photography business, as customers can get a glance at your work and skills. In this way, you have a solid presence on social media. Do not limit yourself to few platforms, rather spread your work and expand your business. This will yield high profits.

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Step 7. Display your photographs on photo-sharing sites

This is the best time to expose your photography skills, do not be reluctant to post your work on various channels. Here are some of the photo-sharing sites that can improve your photography business: Photobucket, Pixabay, Behance, Exposure, 500px etc. It is observed that many photographers have increased their customer base by using the Flickr site. Sharing your work on such platforms will increase the number of Customers and get genuine feedback. This also makes an effective marketing strategy for the photography business.


There are always ‘N’ number of ways to make marketing strategies. And it is always recommended to make a lot of experiments to improve your business plans. Above are few tips to inculcate in your business, always make trial and error and see which suits you. There is no one size fits all approach. Few things work for some businesses and some does not work. Marketing for the photography business is a huge component which when implemented properly leads to high profitability.


How to market a photography business?

Photography business marketing tips:

  • Identifying the target market
  • Create a customer database
  • Engage in social media
  • Go referral spree
  • Collect and add testimonials on your website
  • Get featured in photography blogs
  • Display your photographs on photo-sharing sites

What are the photo sharing platforms for promoting photography business?

Some of the best photo sharing platform to promote a photography business are:

  • Flickr
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • 500px
  • DeviantArt
  • Fotoblur
  • Tumblr
  • Behance
  • Twitter

How to increase the photography website speed?

Compress the image size without altering its quality; if the image’s size is large, it will hinder the website’s loading speed; Inserting YouTube videos and add images in JPEG format.

Is it important to have blogs on photography websites?

Blogging is a kind of content marketing, which is the best way to showcase your photography skills and build a more client base.

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