Everything You Need to Know About Product Hunt

Parnas Ghosh Parnas Ghosh
Mar 12, 2022 3 min read
Everything You Need to Know About Product Hunt

Your business gain attention because of your products and services. If your products are not good enough, your business will not flourish. Your product can only gather attention, if it has the ability to change the world. Now when you launch a product, it has to be visible enough for your audience to even ponder about it. Internet has given us the facility to connect with from all over the world. Everyone is online now. So, it is necessary, to understand where, when and how the product should get launched.

We will talk about an amazing platform where you can launch your product. Here we will talk about everything that one needs to know about product hunt, so let's get started

What Is Product Hunt?
Why Should You Launch Your Product on Product Hunt?
How to Submit Your Product on Product Hunt?
Who Are Hunters?
Who Are Makers?
What Can You Launch on Product Hunt?

What Is Product Hunt?

Founded by Ryan Hoover in 2013, Product Hunt is a website that gives a platform to developers to launch their new product. Product Hunt has a huge audience that follows it. If you have any online products like a web app or mobile app, you can just register for it and they will feature you in their list if your app is worth it. The best thing about launching a product on Product Hunt is that it is all free and has quality checking. Real people check your product and decide whether to feature it or not. Therefore, many people check out the list to know about the new products launched on the internet.

Why Should You Launch Your Product on Product Hunt?

Mass Reach: As already told, many tech geeks do keep a track of Product Hunt lists. So, there is a very strong possibility that you will grab the attention of many tech people, who might be in the need of your product.

Free: There is nothing wrong in trying Product Hunt as it is all free to launch your product on Product Hunt. Even if you don’t make it to the list, you will not lose anything.

Feedbacks : You will get much feedback, both positive and negative. You can act on those feedbacks and improve your products. People will tell you what they need and want in your product. Therefore, you will not have to conduct any survey to check the market need for your product.

Investors: You might have bigger plans for your product and with the help of Product Hunt, you might find investors who believe in the growth of your product. Investors keep roaming all around the web to find an investing opportunity. They will not let an opportunity to go away if they see potential in your product.

Media: There are so many famous blogs that follow the list of Product Hunt. You might end up getting an article based on your product only, publish on a news blog. This will instantly increase your traffic and user base.

However, this is just a possibility. Very few products with some really special features could do that. Do not get fantasized by these advantages. Don’t create expectations because when it doesn’t happen as expected, it hurts. This will result in de-motivation. The only disadvantage of Product Hunt is that it is very, very tough to make it to the feature list.

How to Submit Your Product on Product Hunt?

  • Signup to Product Hunt
  • Once you are logged into your account, click on the “+” button in the top right.
  • Submit all the details including description and tagline. Please note that your account should have the access to post and submit products. You will need to become a contributor in case you want to post a product.

Who Are Hunters?

Hunters are the accounts or basically, the people who have the ability or better say, permission to hunt new products. They are the one who finds new products and shows to the rest of the community. Anyone can become a hunter by participating in community weeks, up voting products, create collections, and others. Your aim is to get as many followers as you can, to become a hunter.

Who Are Makers?

Makers are the people who develop the product and submit it to Product Hunt. There are mostly developers, inventors, and writers.

How to Launch Product on Product Hunt

What Can You Launch on Product Hunt?

  • Web Apps  
  • Mobile Apps  
  • Hardware Products    
  • Games
  • Books  
  • Podcasts


Product Hunt is one of the most popular and the best platform to launch your products. Many people create amazing things but don’t know what to do with that , if you want to let people be aware of your product, you need to market it properly. If you come up with some crazy idea, then don’t stop yourself to create it because you do have a great platform, though whose helps you can launch the product.


What are some alternatives of Product Hunt?

Some fo the alternatives of Product Hunt are, YCombinator, AngleList, Beta Page, and Netted.

What is the purpose of Product Hunt?

The main purpose of product hunt is to  help makers launch their products in their website where they find their first customers who use the products and provide feedbacks to the makers.

Who is the founder of Product Hunt?

Ryan Hoover is the founder of Product Hunt.

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