Live & commute with ease with these rental apps in India.

List Of Rental Apps In India

Rental apps is an application service provider of leasing, both the rental car, bike, home, or heavy equipment. Rental apps built to facilitate people to facilitate their affairs. With the rental apps in India, we can rent a car, bike or other easily without having to waste a lot of time and energy. Rental apps now available in all countries. However, you do not need to wonder anymore if you do not have a home or vehicle. Because now you can rent a car, a house or a bike with these rental apps. You can download a variety of rental apps from Play Store or app store. There are many types of rental apps there.

As one of the developing countries that India is capable of producing people who are intelligent and creative. They can build a lot of applications such as rentals apps. Some rental apps built by Indians such as car rental, bike rental, rental houses and so on. The following list of rental apps in India that you need to download so that you can obtain your convenience during a visit to India. The rental apps are:

Myles – Car Rental

Myles is the best car rental company in India. Car rental company is equipped with 20 cars of choice and you can choose one of the cars your heart’s content. By Myles, you can rent a car up to 21 major cities in India. The cities include Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Jaipur, Pune and any more. Car rental is your best option if you want to get around to the historic places that exist in India.

Zoom car – Car Rental

Same with Myles, Zoom can also a platform that provides car rental services. You can hire a car you like ranging from the cheapest like Tata Nano to the most expensive like a Mercedes GLA. In Zoom car, you can also rent a car from rented for an hour to rent for one month. It is suitable for you who are in the long vacation in India.

Housing – Flat Rental

For those of you who are looking for a flat, you can use your Housing as an alternative for these types of flats that you want easily. Housing is an application developed by a website called This application is devoted to you who seeking a flat. With housing, you can find a flat that is in accordance with your wishes. You can choose the types of flats that are here as fully furnished flat, unfurnished flat, flat near your city, and so on.

Ridengine – Bike & Car Rental

Ridengine is an application that serves Bike and car rentals are located in Hyderabad. Most importantly, it is the first platform to introduce Peer to Peer rental service. It is very easy for you to rent a car or motorcycle. Ridengine strongly believes that its user. Ridengine is in demand by many people in India.

RentOnGo – Bike Rental

RentOnGo is one of the start-ups that stand in India. Start-up airport rental bike for everyday life, travel and long drives. RentOnGo offers various kinds of motors both gear and non-gear. Certainly this app offers a variety of bikes including Duke KTM, Triumph and Harley-Davidson.

Grabhouse – House Rental

Grabhouse is one platform rental house that has 10 lakh customers. However, the platform is equipped with a broker-free for those of you who want to rent the house. This course is very safe because of the broker-free. Grabhouse covers 30,000 locations in 11 cities in India. This is perfect for those who want to rent a house when you are on vacation in India. Although, this is Quikr Homes owned enterprise. – House Rental

No Broker is an application that comes with renting a house with personal details and property owned by homeowners. Of course, this could allow potential tenants in the selection of the right home for them. The platform has 4 lakh users monthly customer. Moreover, the property go through a strict quality check by the company to enable a great user experience. Consequently, all the amenities which are being provided by the owner is also mentioned to make your the user is going through all minute detail possible.

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