The A-Z List Of Stock Marketing Apps

The A-Z List Of Stock Marketing Apps

A stock market is a trading place where you can trade shares of the companies. you can buy or sell a stock by people only if you can list it on an exchange. Hence, it is refer to as the meeting place of the stock buyers and sellers.

Nowadays, it is very essential for you to stay updated with every market movement. The stock marketing traders keep rising and fall on a daily basis and hourly too. The stock market apps check the real-time streaming market price. Also a virtual portfolio, stock charts, and much more.

Guide To Stock Market Shares

1. Acorns

a. Acorns Lite

You will get your personal investment account, built by experts, spare change investments. Everyday investment, investment to get a bonus, and many more.

b. Acorns Personal

The most popular tier, you will be unlocking the financial wellness system. You will get everything that comes with lite, a retirement account, and acorns spend.

Different accounts in the tiers

  • You can save and invest every day by checking accounts.
    Invests spare change(if you are wishing to opt-in) and invest very little into a portfolio of ETFs. acorns can rebalance your portfolio and help you to stay in its target allocation.
  • You can save for retirement by setting easy recurring contributions. Based on your goals, employment, and income, acorns recommend the right plan. Acorns have no overdraft fees, plus fee or any fee-reimbursed ATM access nationwide.
  • Diversified portfolios.
  • you can do rebalancing.
  • You will get access to found money partners to earn.
  • Accessible through mobile and web apps.
  • A dedicated support team supports investment.
  • You will get access to acorns later which is an easy way to save retirement.
  • You can get a debit card that saves, invests, and earns for you using the acorns spend access.
Zerodha - Facilitating barrier-free trading in the Indian Stock Market
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Barrier Free Trading

2. Stash

Stash makes investing approachable for beginners. It has  $o account because stash offers fractional investing. Depending on account types charges are $1 to $9 a month. If you want a little hand-holding while building a portfolio for stocks and ETFs. then stash will be a good fit for you.

This app offers other account options too. You get the brokerage, bank accounts, and retirement account for $3 a month. And also two custodial accounts, a metal debit card, a turbocharged reward program. And a monthly investment research report for $9.

Review For Stash App

Stash is best for:

  • Investors who need guidance in selecting investments.
  • New investors.
  • Thematic or impact investors.


  • It gives educational content and support.
  • It provides Fractional shares.
  • Investment offerings that are value-based.


  • There is no investment management.
  • It has high ETF expense ratios.

3. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade's best for this course offers you in-depth. And free analysis knowledge, portfolio building steerage. $o commissions for the stock, options, and exchange-traded fund. you have got an alternative of 4 commercialism platforms. In November 2019 Charles Schwab proclaimed the acquisition of TD Ameritrade. Meanwhile, this app continued to accept new accounts. That are emotional over to him once the acquisition finalizes.

TD Ameritrade best for:

  • It has beginner investors.
  • It additionally has advanced traders.
  • Investor education advice
  • It has a commission-free trade.
  • It has fund investors.


  • It offers commission-free stock, ETF, and choices trades.
  • Free analysis.
  • It additionally has high-quality commercialism platforms.
  • It has no account at least.
  • It has sensible client support.
  • It has an outsized investment choice.


  • You get pricey broker-assisted trades.
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4. E-Trade

E-trade gives you a library of educational resources, professional-level trading. And tools to help you assemble a risk-appropriate. It also gives you $0 commission for all stock, ETF, and trade options. In February 2020, Morgan Stanley announced a $13 billion deal to sell E-trade.

This app is best for:

  • Free commissions.
  • Frequent traders.
  • Beginner investors.
  • Research and data.
  • Retirement planning help.


  • Easy to use tools.
  • It gives you a large investment selection.
  • Gives excellent customer support.
  • Also gives you access to extensive research.
  • Advanced mobile app.
  • Commission-free stock and ETF.


  • The website can be difficult to navigate.
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5. Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade

Olymp trade is the popular online brokers in the industry. It gives you the opportunity to trade in the following markets.

  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • ETFs
  • Cryptocurrency


  • It gives attractive spreads.
  • Leverages of up to 1:400.
  • There are a variety of payment methods offer.
  • It supported MT4.
  • It supports many languages.
  • you can give 77 assets to choose from.
  • It has a low least deposit amount.
  • Gives intuitive design
  • It has a mobile app.


  • Gives you withdrawal problems for non- verified accounts.
  • It concerns over dubious regulation.
  • It gives you bonuses with unclear terms.
  • It has only two account types.

6. IQ Option

You can use this platform to provide its purchasers with a platform to cater to commerce desires. This platform contains commerce tools that are not found in any commerce platform. Position top-up helps the dealer, to hold a trade open if it’s reaching to be a stop loss. you might use it with discipline and offers new risk management.

Trading costs And charges

  • This is often the excellence between buying for and commercialism prices.
  • Fees apply for the positions control nightlong are refer to as swap fees.
  • Intelligence quotient alternatives will begin charging €10 every month.
  • The bulk of payment service suppliers haven’t any fees. there is charge of Commission of 2.9%on cryptocurrency trades.
What is algorithmic trading?
Algorithmic trading is the use of a computer program with a defined set ofcriterions to carry through trades. The criterion for the system typicallyincludes timing, price, or quantity. Algorithmic trading makes use of complex formulas, combined with mathematicalmodels and human oversight, to ma…
Algorithmic Trading

7. Upstox Pro

Upstox provides low-cost trading services. There is no charge for orders placed in the equity delivery trading segment. It also provides a great trading platform and tools to the clients. This app includes upstox pro web, upstox MF, upstox pro mobile. And Algo lab, etc. also provide platforms. Like nest desktop, Amibroker, dart stock, and fox trader.

How To Use Upstox Pro Mobile App


  • It places buy and sell orders on the move.
  • It provides a universal search tool to find desired stocks and contracts.
  • It gives access to many segments,. Including NSE cash, features and options, and currencies scrips.
  • It has advanced charting tools using 100+ technical indicators.
  • It has a facility to order from the charts.
  • It creates customized watchlists.
  • You can get price alerts on set scrips.
  • It provides you access to real-time market feeds.


  • It does not provide online IPO investments.
  • It also does not give you online mutual fund investments.
  • No portfolio summary.
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8. Stock Trainer

This app is a virtual stock trading application offering real and live world market data. It helps beginners to start by using real markets and their data. It gives customers virtual money to trade stocks. And also understanding how stock investments work. It supports 13 countries and enhances stock analysis offerings.

How it works

  1. Get an account - you have to register to use a stock trainer using your email id or any other social network login. After registering you will get your virtual investment money. And now you can start your journey of stock investing.
  2. Lookup for stocks - you have to find stocks in which you want to invest. by using the company name or ticker symbol, or by utilizing stock research tools. It contains top losers and gainers, insider trades, and analyst recommendations.
  3. Analyze trade stocks - you can launch a stock data screen by clicking on a particular stock in the app. You can get detailed information on the stock with stock charts with time spans.
Revfin aims to bring financial Inclusion - Story, Founder, Funding
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Revfin To Bring Financial Inclusion

9. Investing.Com

This is a global financial portal and internet brand. It is also composed in 24 languages and for mobile apps for android and iOS. All these offer news, analysis, streaming quotes, and charts. technical data, and financial tools about global financial markets. It covers a broad variety of financial vehicles. Including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, futures, and options.
This is an online data and news website. It offers financial information but not trading services. You will get the services for free and it does not give investment consulting services. This is a reliable and good source of providing real-time forex data.

10. IIFL Markets

IIFL Markets

The IIFL market app is an advanced platform. This offers good investment strategies for the clients. You will get a customizable watch list and also a dashboard. The dashboard provides you a summary of your account. And the idea about the stockbroking market.

1. Price alerts -  you will get every notification about stocks. Hence, you will not miss any information.

2. Advanced widget - you will get to track stocks on your screen. Using these widgets, you can get the information about trading.

3. Free guest user login - you can get this app for a lifetime as a free guest if you are not a paid user.

4. Finance and business news - you will also get all the news and updates about the financial markets.

5. Personalized watchlist - you will get with stock, currency, commodity. And futures options all in one. You will get customized many column options that keep all the information.

6. Free research report - this app is the only app that provides you free research of top 500 NSE or BSE based companies. It will also offer users to research and provide technical supports.

11. HDFC Securities Mobile Trading

You need to know about the fluctuations if you want to invest in the stock market. Hence, if you want the profitability. Then you will need to keep knowledge about changes happening in the market. You will get the data to make better investments.


  • This app helps you in trade and send notification about any activity which will be important to you.
  • some of the navigational and operational tools. That helps in managing your assets in an easier way.
  • You can manage many accounts with multitasking.
  • There is no barrier of time for trading in this app.
  • You will get real-time alerts to be aware of the performance of your stocks.
  • Your account and transaction details are completely safe. As it protected by an effective encrypted firewall.


  • This is large in download size.
  • Performance is slow.
  • Buy and sell is not upfront on the app.
  • It is difficult to set up processes like stop loss and trigger.
  • It does not have detailed reports available for clients.
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12. Money Control

This is an Indian online business news website owned by E-EIGHTEEN Dot Com (p) Ltd. This offers the user information about the news. And insights related to business in India.
This app provides the latest market data, business, and market news coverage as well as Live TV. you can also manage the finance portfolio, conversations on the message board. And other features on the app.

13. Mobile Invest

Aditya Birla mobile investment is an updated version. This app offers trade-in equity, derivatives, currencies, commodities from a single platform. This provides with all reports, fund transfer facilities, real-time research, and market news.


  • It provides real-time quotes.
  • Fund transfer - pay in and payout.
  • You will get trading from mobile in 3 clicks.
  • Also gives trade-in equity and F&O.
  • It has also a portfolio tracker.
  • It has access ledger, control note, transactions, and more.
  • It has a single sign-on for multi exchanges(BSE, NSE, NFO, CDS, NCDEX).
  • It has a personalized dashboard.
  • It also has a real-time research dashboard.
  • It has advanced intraday charting.
  • Word indices.
  • It has voice support, you can interact through voice.

14. 5 paisa

5 paisa is a leading stockbroker. It is a traded and managed company promoted by IIFL founders. This is available in equity, commodity, and currency at BSE, NSE, and MCX. A charge of Flat 20 Rs brokerage irrespective of the size of the trade. It has 3 plans that are the greatest plan, platinum, and titanium plan.

How To Use 5 Paisa

5 paisa mutual funds - it offers to include both regular as well as direct mutual funds.  A charge of Flat 10 rs executed an order for online mutual funds investment.

5 paisa Demat account - This offers membership with CDSL. you will get award of premier depository participant by CDSL in march 2019.

5 paisa trading platform - it includes a mobile trading app, trading website. And installable trading terminal. You can build this platform on the latest technology. you will get recognized for the ‘best use of mobile technology in financial services.


  • IIFL is a non-banking institution with experience over 2 decades.
  • As per the trading needs you can choose from three subscriptions.
  • You can use the mobile app, website, and desktop trading terminal. There is no software charge.
  • It provides free technical, derivative, and fundamental research.


  • It does not provide a 3 in 1 account.
  • It has a high Demat debit transaction charges. It’s 25Rs or 0.025% charge for the greatest plan.
  • It gives an exchange transaction charges in competition to discount brokers.
  • At an extra cost of 100Rs, you will get a call and trade in the greatest plan.
  • Greatest plans do not contain research and advisory services.
  • Also, it does not provide NRI trading services.
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15. Stock Chart

  • Investing is difficult, it makes it easier
    It helps you by the observance of the market’s extra. you'll improve your portfolio management. it's trusty by thousands of online investors. Stock charts supply to make the web’s highest quality money charts in mere easy clicks. Also, you'll run custom scans to search out new trades or investments. And set automatic alerts for your distinctive technical criteria.
  • Real-time charting where you go
    It is for the trendy capitalist. Stockcharts offers the industry’s best technical tools and resources. there's no computer code installation and frustrating compatibility problems. you'll access everything from any web-enabled device.
  • A complete set of tools
    Stockcharts has everything. you would like to arrange, organize, and execute any finance system. it's a whole analysis and portfolio management toolkit. you'll discover the market’s new opportunities with advanced scanning tools. you'll pinpoint the entry with triumph charting and annotation tools. you'll check your open positions and track portfolios with chartlists.

16. Advisory Mandi

It helps in conceptualizes to solve the advisory industry challenges. This addresses the critical need in the Indian advisory industry for retail participants. This app believes in optimal value creation for investors. By giving top-performing analyst instructions at the right time. It helps investors to make informed decisions. While investing their hard-earned money in the stock market. It also helps in educating novice investors. By providing the right guidance, information, and happenings at the right time.

The authorized and registered analyst offers their live analysis on the website. Investors will get to connect with the right advisor according to their needs in the market. It empowers the investors by giving them the power for decision making. It simplifies the process to select the analyst. By making an unparalleled framework where you can view unbiased past performance.

The path of investment becomes very easy and convenient. With the right resources according to the particular needs. It pioneered in implementing the SEBI compliance in analyst registrations and promotions.

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17. Kotak Stock Trader

This app helps let the stock market be your companion. Kotak stock trader is a mobile app. It allows the trader to continue trading in domains. Like equities, currency, and derivatives. It gives you a couple of other attributes like allowing tracking down the portfolio.

  • Online trading feature
    This app utilizes to have online trading very close to them. You can check on the market always and then get their trading done. You will also get stop loss and trigger price options.
  • portfolio tracking feature
    The portfolio gets updated, anyone can access the changes in realtime.
  • Livestock market data
    This app gives you the live streams market data all the time. Also, the movement of the market will be in the form of charts at the end of the day.
  • Fund transfer
    You can transfer the funds between a bank account and the online trading account. You can be also able to transfer funds from the bank account to the mutual fund account.
  • Margin checker
    You can access the margin by clicking the ‘available funds’ option.
  • Security
    It has layers of security and it is secure to use the app. Authentication of 2 passwords is important for every user. There is no stored data for stock trading. A session expires after 30 minutes to make it safe.  

18. ET Markets

This app gives you the latest live market data on the go and makes informed decisions.

ET Markets App helps You in:

  • You can track live indices and stock prices with advanced technical charting.
  • You will get many chart types, technical indicators, comparison, and real-time data.
  • You can watch live ETNOW Tv or audio stream to keep updated with the latest happenings.
  • You can track your stocks, Sensex(BSE), nifty(NSE), mutual funds, forex ETFs.
  • You can track the stocks in your watchlist, market gainers, losers, movers, etc.

19. Stock Edge - NSE BSE Indian Share Market Invest

You will get end-to-end information about all the NSE and BSE stocks in India. It covers market movements, updates, financials, technicals, and derivatives. You can complete mutual fund data along with AUM analysis. It gives through simple and interactive charts and bars. You can also mark stocks, scans, investors, and mutual funds as your favorite. You will get premium features like investor portfolios, and MF investment ideas.

It is useful for

  • Investors
    This gives you a decision-making tool that helps in analyzing your stocks. It also helps in identifying new stock ideas relevant to the criteria.
  • Traders
    This tool offers information about pre-market and post-market data analytics. It has a unique scan feature that is greatest for intraday, swing, and derivative traders.
  • Analysts
    This app contains a one-stop solution for fundamental and technical research requirements.
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20. Angel Broking Demat Account And Stock Trading App

Angel broking app offers anywhere trading to angel broking customers. This app offers to trade in all segments. Including equity, derivatives, currency, and commodities at BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. Investment in IPO and mutual funds are also available in this app. The secure, fast, and simple app works for both seasonal investors.
It gives customers gets real-time streaming quotes and charts. Live news, many watchlists, online fund transfer, research reports. Demat holdings, margin statements, limits, order summary, and more.

Review For Angel Broking Demat Account


  • It provides online trading on mobile devices.
  1. Trading in equity cash.
  2. Trading in equity derivatives.
  3. Trading in currency derivatives.
  4. Trading in commodities at MCX and NCDEX.
  • It helps to invest in mutual funds, bonds, etc. also it tracks derivatives position.
  • It offers live streaming stock quotes, charts, and news. It has over 40 technical chart indicators and overlays.
  • This app has stock advice on the go through ARQ, the auto advisory engine.
  • You get to research reports and advisory calls. Also, you have personalized notification alerts for trades and ideas.
  • It also gives view Demat account holdings. Real-time online funding transfers over 40 top banks.

21. Economic Times App

This app helps you to track the latest business news on the go and make informed decisions. You will get the latest updates from markets, business, and economy news as it happens.


  • It gives you the latest and popular business news.
  • It shares news articles with colleagues, partners via email, Facebook, etc.
  • This app offers to profit from stock market views and recommendations from experts. Also, it has the latest updates from the stock market.
  • You can manage your investments in the stock market with the ET portfolio. You will get to track the stocks in your watchlist, market gainers, losers, etc.
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22. NDTV Profit App

  1. All new navigation - you will get easy navigation. That displays all the categories in different modes. It has a simple cascading display for content with tools to dismiss layers.
  2. It offers you stock market news, top stories, analysis. Expert opinions on investing, and analysis from NDTV profit.
  3. You can watch Live TV streamed from NDTV profit studios. You will get videos of all NDTV profit program videos and market analysis.
  4. This app provides you with all the episode of NDTV profit shows like gadgets guru, the car and bike show, and more.
  5. You will get to track the markets and get live stock quotes during market hours. Also seamless integration with Twitter and Facebook to share content.

23. Stock Twits

This is a social media platform. Designed for sharing ideas with traders and investors. This app was co-founded by Howard Lindzen and Soren Macbeth in 2009. Also, time magazine has listed the company in “50 best websites”. In 2012 the company has awarded “the top 10 most innovative companies in finance”.
Stock twits offer users to communicate to ticker streams in real-time using hashtags. Customers are also able to communicate on Twitter.

The contents can with the StockTwits extended network. Such sites are yahoo finance and CNN money. This app offers the ability to share content. With their personal Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts.

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24. Feedly

  1. User interface
    Feedly is the winner with google reader’s demise. Since google discontinued google reader users have joined Feedly. It offers all the features of google readers. There’ no ads, no popups, or nothing that can distract your reading. You will get index view, today view, and recently read. You will get to organize my feeds view to create a new collection.
  2. Cross-platform support
    It works on all platforms. There is an official app for all major platforms. There are unofficial apps for other platforms. If you want to work on mobile and desktop you need to use the Feedly web.
  3. 3rd party app integration
    It helps with third-party apps. You will get to see many apps on their app center that works with this app. It supports IFTTT, zapier, sprouts social, etc because it’s a premium feature.
  4. Save a URL to read later
    There is a  “read later” feature on Feedly which helps you to save an article to read later. It makes the reading process simpler and smarter.

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