Lucknow Startups | Successful Startups in Lucknow [Exhaustive List]

Entrepreneurship and innovation are no longer some alien, buzzwords to India. Indians are now walking together with their western counterparts when it comes to ditching 9-5 jobs and working for their own startup. It may be surprising to some but these ventures aren’t restricted only to the top metropolitan cities like Delhi or Bangalore but nearly every town in this country is proliferating with budding entrepreneurs who are willing to think outside the box. If that’s the case, why should the city of Nawabs stay back when it comes to innovation?

Here we have compiled list of successful startups that are growing and continue to expand in and out of Lucknow. You can also check the list of startups in all the major cities of India.

In this list of Lucknow startups we have covered following startups:

List of Successful Startups in Lucknow


Building upon the idea of delivering healthcare, fitness and beauty products on time and at a minimal price, HealthTokri is disrupting the conventional way of how pharmaceutical stores across India function. This successful startup in Lucknow is working in conjunction with manufacturers to ensure that 100% genuine products are delivered to the customers. The website sells plethora of products related to keep you fit and going. It is the brainchild of Praveen Kumar Singh and Amar Nath Bansal. They call its as India's uncommon healthstore. However, HealthTokri is one of the eminent startups in Lucknow racing towards success.

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If newspapers such as Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagran praise your idea, it ought to have some substance behind it. NotNul is an initiative making books, magazines, study materials and what not available in E-book format on the web platform. This successful startup in Lucknow is striving to make Indian literature available to all, for a nominal amount. Neelabh Srivastav, an alumnus of the prestigious Schulich School of Business, is the founder and current CEO of this thriving venture. NotNul with its digitization effort at the right place is minimizing deforestation to promote Lucknow City being a successful startup.

Vortex Global Services

Have you heard of ‘web properties’? Ramish Zaidi came up with Vortex, which in addition to being a web design and development company, also maintains its presence on the internet through assets such as SimpliCV and KwikJobz.
The company’s services are particularly useful for small and medium enterprises (SME). Moreover, this startup has successfully eased MSMEs present in Lucknow.

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Dealing with the UAV/Drone industry, this promising and successful startups in Lucknow by Vikram Singh Meena aims to build up the knowledge and expertise of the Indian youth related to drone technology. Interested individuals can learn through UAV manufacturing and training courses, specifically designed to establish oneself in the bright and prosperous drone industry in India. TechEagle with its innovation at the right place is boosting business as well as creating a leap towards teaching Indian youth.

Update: TechEagle is acquired by Zomato in the December of 2018

A2 Cricket

Cricket is the most revered sport in the Indian subcontinent. Every gully, nukad, and mohalla in India is beaming with wannabe cricketers with the ultimate aim to play for the nation. Both professional and amateur cricketers and in fact, teenagers want to play with the best cricket equipment.  To cater to the needs of those who appreciate the craftsmanship involving cricket bats, Arindam Aggarwal, a University of Bristol graduate who himself played cricket at various positions, decided to create India’s first brand providing bats manufactured using A-Grade Willow. Customers can place orders for custom cricket bats and can select from a variety of products available on their website. Cricket lovers surely need to look out for this startup! A2 Cricket would be an eminent startup in Lucknow to give wings to the budding cricketers to play for the nation.


Working on similar lines as Zomato and Swiggy, OnlineKaka aims to ensure that Lucknowites can take advantage of various types of cuisine from restaurants, all from home. By coordinating with a wide network of restaurants, foodies can enjoy world-famous delicacies from places like Tunday Kababi, Moti Mahal, Kareems…the list is endless! This food startup has been featured in the Deccan Chronicle, The Times of India and The Indian Express. Racing with Zomato and other food delivery giants OnlineKaka has secured its position as the best startup in Lucknow City.

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With offices in Lucknow and Singapore, Singsys deals in cloud consultancy, mobile and web app development, and digital marketing. Having many Fortune 500 clients, Singsys has more than 200 professionals skilled in domains such as UI/UX development, and mobile/web app designing. Singsys is easing tech development for startups in Lucknow for further success.


The restaurant business is one of the most lucrative ones out there. Apart from the food, the ambiance and layout of the restaurant play a decisive role in either attracting customers or at the same time, repelling them. Estandardz is an initiative specializing in hospitality solutions; it deals in concept development, menu conception, kitchen and bar designing, communication and publicity strategies and a whole lot of other services. For budding entrepreneurs planning to set foot in the hospitality industry especially the food business, this startup is the right tool to analyze and evaluate investment opportunities! Estandardz has expanded to many states of India and some other countries as well. They are doing well all around the corner.

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No household can function without grocery shopping. However, going outside to the grocer’s is a daunting task- the traffic, continuous bargaining, and then the fear of defective and spoilt product. To address these concerns, Saurabh Singh with his experience in the retail industry came up with Spinkart, an online grocery shopping platform. Known to usually deliver items within 3 hours, Spinkart turned out to be an instant hit and continues to grow larger with increasing order every day. Moreover, it is an outstanding startup creating significant growth.


When it comes to resolving tax related queries, one needs to rely on the right person for this job. And the advent of GST hasn’t made life simpler (well, that’s a matter of ongoing debate)! This is where this Successful Startups in Lucknow Haxtax comes into the picture. With expertise in income tax related manners, filings, legal services such as RERA litigation, and a cloud-based accounting software to help with GST returns, Hatax is like a bottle of water in the scorching heat; it makes life easy and convenient. Although, it is successfully thriving towards best accounting solution.

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A fintech creation by founders Durgesh Nandan and Saurabh Jaiswal, InMotion strives to make life easier for the auto-rickshaw drivers by setting up booths known as ‘Bachat Mitra’ kiosks across strategic locations. This Successful Startups in Lucknow provides a platform for auto-rickshaw drivers for seeking assistance in matters of education, healthcare, insurance, loans and welfare schemes. The setup is progressing rapidly and has now grown beyond Lucknow to Delhi. This startup is successfully educating to boost up literacy among auto-rickshaw drivers in Lucknow.


Having set up a huge network encompassing 2,500 plus schools across India, EduAce focuses on quizzing as a source for learning. This Successful Startups in Lucknow has flagship program, known as School Quiz League – Pratibha Ki Khoj, is now widely recognized by students in Indian Schools. Moreover, EduAce emphasizes teaching values such as ‘general awareness’ and ‘life skills’ through quizzing. This creative idea is the conception of Gaurav Yadav which is extending knowledge to our young generation for future success.

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Local Calls was created as Informative platform for Customers to find out best products sellers and service providers in their close vicinity. Local Services Market is largely driven by middlemen or intermediaries. Both consumer and service professional are dependent on the middleman, who determines the cost of the service. Service professionals are paid less and the quality of service, too, is unsatisfactory. Localcalls removing middleman will create a value chain, from which the business model can be derived.

The Uttar Pradesh government under Yogi Adityanath has planned for an incubation center to be built on the outskirts of Lucknow. This incubation center in Lucknow center is being billed as the largest of its kind in India with a funding of nearly Rs 1000 crore. This is a testimony to the fact that Lucknow is transitioning from the city of ‘tehzeeb’ and ‘nazaakat’ to the ‘City of Startups’. It also highlights the potential of tier-II and tier-III cities when it comes to successfully contributing towards the Indian entrepreneurship ecosphere.

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