Tiiny.host: Simplify Your Web-hosting Experience

Dev Kumar Padhy Dev Kumar Padhy
Mar 1, 2021 5 min read
Tiiny.host: Simplify Your Web-hosting Experience

These days there are numerous steps involved to host a simple website. First, you need to sign up for a web hosting platform and see if their plans match your needs.

If they don’t you have to search for another web hosting service and then hope that it’s in your budget. However, there is an even simpler solution,

With modern-day cloud services, you should be able to host a website in seconds but there are certain challenges that make this process a bit difficult to execute.

Meet tiiny.host, a simple web hosting solution for static websites.

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What is Tiiny.host?

Tiiny.host is a super simple static web hosting tool that lets you share your web projects with ease.

tiiny.host dashboard
tiiny.host dashboard

It allows users to publish their websites in seconds and is great for prototyping, landing pages, client demos, and simplifying your web hosting. You don’t need any background knowledge of web hosting, just drag and drop an HTML file of your site and launch it in seconds!

Tiiny.host - Features

Archive offline web projects - Keep an inventory of your offline sites.

Free custom domains and SSL - You can choose to link your own custom domains with SSL served over a CDN, or select a free domain from tiiny.host.

Permanent hosting - Tiiny.host allows you to host sites for as long as you like without any time limit.

Simple drag & drop control panel - Use the drag and drop control panel to drop a zip file with your static web pages. Tiiny.host will take care of everything else and you will be able to host your project in less than 20 seconds.

tiiny.host dashboard for creating subdomains
tiiny.host dashboard for creating subdomains

Simple custom subdomain hosting - Say goodbye to random URLs. Pick your own memorable, and customized subdomain to share your projects through a personalized URL.

Ad-free - You can also remove tiiny.host’s adverts and banners from the sites you have uploaded.

One dashboard - Manage all your websites at a single place, with one easy-to-use dashboard.

Upload your web project in seconds - Just upload a zip file with your static files by following these steps

  • Enter a subdomain
  • Upload an HTML or Zip file that has your static website
  • Launch and share your link

Why do you need Tiiny.host?

For static web hosting - tiiny.host is a simple yet highly efficient hosting service or static websites. A static website is a website that appears the same to all visitors and does not require a backend server or database to render it. It only consists of front-end static files such as images, HTML, and JavaScript.

  • Speed - Static websites load much faster as there is no need to make database calls or dynamically update webpages before rendering. This is why they're are instantly available to users.
  • SEO - Modern SEO rankings favor fast-loading websites which is also a key feature of static sites.
  • Low cost - No hidden costs or expensive rendering servers and database results in reduced costs for hosting services, even at a large scale.
  • Security - Static websites do not require back end servers as vulnerabilities often occur in servers that are regularly updated.
  • Easy deployment - Publish your sites within seconds as HTML field are extremely small and do not require to configure complex servers and databases.
  • Reliability - Pre-rendered pages mean a consistent user experience every time. No servers mean that you do not have to interrupt user experience incase of failed servers or maintenance issues.

For small business website hosting - tiiny.host is the best hosting service for small business. Here are the reasons why:

  • Cheap - Pay once for lifetime access and host your website.
  • Speed - Publish your website in seconds with few clicks.
  • Secure - Hosted sites are static and not susceptible to typical website issues like server problems, or malicious attacks.
  • No sign-up - You can try tiiny.host for free without the hassle of signing up and publish your website for free.
  • Simple to update - Upload a ZIP or HTML file to update your website in seconds.
  • Reliable - Built upon Amazon Web Services which is designed to run all the time.

Tiiny.host - Pricing

Tiiny.host - $59 Pro Plan /lifetime


  • 5 Live Sites
  • 7 Archived Sites
  • Custom Domain
  • Upload up to 50Mb Zips
  • Password Protection
  • Custom SSL + CDN
  • Ad-free
  • Stackable up to 5 Codes, each code adds = +5 Live sites and +7 Archived sites
  • All future updates to the Pro Plan
  • 60 Days Refund Policy
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Tiiny.host - FAQ’s

Do you support WordPress or similar CMS?

No, tiiny.host only offers to host static websites.

What is a static website?

A static website is a website that appears the same to all visitors and does not require a backend server or database to render it. It's composed of frontend-only static files such as HTML, JavaScript, and images (jpeg, png, svg ,etc).

Do you support e-commerce sites?

Not in the traditional CMS way (WordPress, Joomla, etc.), but tiiny.host supports static e-commerce sites.

You own the copyright for all uploaded content, tiiny.host does not claim any rights except to publicly serve it. You are responsible for the licenses and copyright of any uploaded material.

What can I upload?

You can upload a zip file containing folders and any static files such as HTML, JavaScript, images, CSS, etc. linked by an index.html. Your zip must include an index.html file.

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