Top Indian Logistic Startups List [2019]

At some point in your life, you must have, knowingly or unknowingly, used the service of some logistic companies. Logistic was and always be a business which will constantly grow, until teleporting technology arrives. With the growth in the number of startups around the world in recent years, the logistics industry experienced a bump in the growth. With the current growth rate, the Indian logistics industry can reach $200 billion by 2020. So, let’s see some of the backbones of the economy (that’s what logistic industry is known as.)


Top Logistics Startups in India


Gone are the days when you had to have a whole army to manage the warehouse. These days, robots do the labor work. GreyOrange designs, manufacture and deploy the robots which will help you in the warehouses. Without the headache of the warehouse laborers, you can focus on what you really need to focus, the product and customer service.


Dhruvhil Sanghvi found Loginext in 2014. Loginext was a part of the GenNext innovation hub which is an incubator set by Reliance industries and Microsoft ventures. It is available in 4 countries including the USA. It uses machine learning and data analytics to show the best delivery routes and plans to ensure the most productive use of all the resources.

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If you have a delivery business or any type of business and you deliver the product without outsourcing it, then Hypertrack is for you. Hypertrack provides tracking apps for your business and you can even add the tracking app to your existing app within minutes. Seed funded in 2016, the company was founded by Kashyap Deorah, Tapan Pandita and Abhishek Poddar.


Started as the last mile logistics company (the final delivery to the doorstep), Porter now delivers in 8 big cities including Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Pune. They deliver in the radius of 200 km of the city they are present in. Drivers can join them for more orders and increase their revenue.


You cannot just adjust yourself with any warehouse available anywhere. You need to get a reliable warehouse which does not create problems in the future. Edgistify helps you find the best warehouse for you. They even verify the warehouses and you can know the details of the warehouse which you can easily check on their website.

Black Buck

Combining data science and logistic services to make logistic smarter and better. You can find and connect with the most suitable fleet for your delivery. Black Buck is all about logistic machine learning. And their name is really unique, I just hope Salman don’t have an eye on this one too.

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This one is a really unique and problem-solving startup for consumers. Ever faced a situation when a delivery boy calls you when you are in a meeting? Qikpod lets you get the delivery of your parcel into their own lockers. You just have to provide the details about your delivery boy to Qikpod and he will deliver the parcel to the Qikpod locker you chose. This is a safe method as you can unlock the lockers only by an OTP which will be sent to your phone. However, this service is only available in Bangalore yet, but they will be expanding to other places real soon. If you have a spare place, you can provide it to Qikpod and make some money through it.


Available in India, Indonesia, and the USA, Locus provide the tracking solutions to the companies for their logistics. They don’t just tell you where your truck is but they also tell where your truck should be? It all started with an incident which caused Nishit Rastogi and Geet Garg to make a live location tracking app which was later acquired by a food company. Unlike other people who would think this is the destiny and the dream life after selling their company, they worked hard again and founded Locus.


Founded in 2015 by Mohit Kumar, Runnr or Road Runnr is a daily delivery solution provider. Later in 2017, the startup was bought by Zomato. If you still order food directly from restaurants (not from Swiggy or Foodpanda), then you must have got the delivery by Runnr. However, people don’t usually order directly from restaurants, so you may not see these guys around, these days.

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LetsTransport is an inter-city delivery service provider. Many dealers deal with the clients of their own city and have to deliver the goods to shops or offices. LetsTransport provides logistic service for your own city with verified drivers, GPS tracking and 24/7 service.

Logistic has become an important part of our life. We cannot survive a day without logistic. They ship automobiles to medicines. Many companies have their own logistic service but some still prefer to outsource logistics. So, it is still profitable to get into the business of logistics. You may also become a partner with other big logistic companies for your own area if you do good. And believe me, the logistics’ business is never going anywhere. Even if the teleporting thing really come into existence, it will also be a part of logistics. Also, teleporting will not deliver the product directly into the home of the receiver. So don’t worry, you will still have work.

Ok, enough of science fiction things, getting into logistic need strong contacts and investment. So, if you are sure you have both of them, you can start it right away. You may think that you don’t necessarily need both of them. True, but you cannot think to exist for a long time in this industry if you don’t have any one of them. So, be prepared first. Think, plan, invest, perform!

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