Top 10 Best Password Managers You Need to Use

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Dec 17, 2022 11 min read
Top 10 Best Password Managers You Need to Use

Password managers have become a necessary tool with the increase in the usage of online tools by both individuals and organizations. Passwords are the most commonly used mechanism for protecting all kinds of information and services.
A password manager stores all of your passwords in a single account. Some of the features are that it generates random passwords, it makes it simple to access multiple accounts, it has the convenient autofill feature and you can share passwords securely.

Studies have shown that the majority of people use very weak passwords and reuse them on different websites. In fact, nearly 35% are using the same password for most of their online logins. The best password managers are the ones which are easy to use and let you manage all your online passwords in a protected and easier way.

Top 10 Reliable Password Managers

  1. RoboForm
  2. Dashlane
  3. NordPass
  4. LastPass
  5. 1Password
  6. Bitwarden
  7. Keeper
  8. Zoho Vault
  9. LogMeOnce
  10. mSecure

Top 10 Reliable Password Managers

Password Managers are very useful for protecting and managing multiple passwords for different platforms in a unified and centralized place.
Let's look at some of the Top password Managers of 2023.


Rating 4.6/5
Best For Families and Team

RoboForm is the password safety solution. Its powerful admin panel centralizes the password of employees. Enjoy the benefits of automated password management and secure your system from external and internal threats.
It not only securely stores your passwords from different sites but also keeps them up-to-date and organized. You only need to create a master password for Roboform to access and manage all the passwords.

Roboform website

The master password is not stored on the server to ensure security. You can easily create your account within 2 minutes and onboard your employees, assign the desired roles and permission.


  • More than 6 million users and 10 thousand companies are using it
  • Secure, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface
  • AES-256-bit encryption for password creation, storing and sharing


  • The pricing structure for the business plan is messed up
  • Not provide monthly billing


  • Per user license: $39.95/year/user
  • Site licensing: contact sales


Rating 4.5/5
Best For Mid-sized Companies and Online Security

Dashlane is a robust and powerful password manager that helps to store, share, and use your passwords with full security. An automatic password manager is vital for the security, productivity, and profitability of the business. It eliminates weak, reused, and vulnerable passwords.
It auto-fills the password whenever you or your employee needs it. Security is the most promising feature of this software, it even removes all your databases from their side when you leave Dashlane.

Dashlane website

Its password generator tool generates very strong passwords for you and reminds you to update the vulnerable password for better security.


  • Dark web insights
  • VPN for wifi protection on Team and business plan
  • Implementation of 2FA (2-factor authentication)
  • Easy password-sharing option


  • The free plan is not available in the business category
  • It auto-fills the one credential if you've multiple credentials for one site, so you need to delete it and re-enter


  • Starter: $2/seat/month
  • Team: $5/seat/month
  • Business: $8/seat/month

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Rating 4.3/5
Best For Business and Account Management

Nordpass is a password manager that stores all your sensitive information like passwords, credit card credentials, and other information on its secured server. It uses a zero-knowledge architecture to ensure all the data is stored in an encrypted form in the Nordpass vault.
To ensure an additional layer of security, it uses multi-factor authentication. So, to login into your account, you also need to prove your identity after entering the master password.

Nordpas Website

Easily add members to your account and allow them to use the passwords based on the roles you've assigned. You have the power to remove any user from the list at any time. To auto-generate strong passwords, you can play with settings, like you can set the number of characters, digits, special characters, and capital letters. A combination of all these characters will create a much stronger password for you.


  • More than 2.5 million users and 1500 companies worldwide are using it
  • XChaCha20 encryption
  • Monitor your account in real-time to prevent data breaches
  • The auto lock system automatically locks the password manager after a set amount of time


  • You can't share your password in a free plan
  • The free version is available for only one device


  • Business: $3.99 /user/month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales


Rating 4.5/5
Best For Families and Small Team

A password manager is a need for any business to securely save and use its sensitive information, and LastPass helps in this regard. Now you do not need to remember all the passwords, you only need to remember one password, which is the password for LastPass. Generate as much stronger passwords as you can and access them in a single click.
It significantly removes the burden of remembering complicated passwords for hundreds or thousands of sites. Auto-fill your form and password in a single click with full security.

Lastpass Website

Add all other notes securely into your LastPass vault and get access to it anytime, anywhere. Easy accessibility on all major web browsers and mobile devices.


  • Access your Lastpass vault using Lastpass authentication without entering the master password
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Get alerts when there is any risk of a data breach
  • Multi-factor authentication and AES-256-bit encryption


  • For some websites, auto-fill doesn't work properly
  • Less option to import passwords


  • Team: $4/user/month
  • Business: $6/user/month

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Rating 4.7/5
Best For Cross platform and Password Management

1Password, As the name suggests, you only need to remember one password and you become eligible to login into different sites. It makes it easy to organize your secure information and autofill the password on the websites.
Extension for all the major web browsers and mobile apps for iOS and Android makes it easier to use it on any device. Whenever you sign up for a new account, you can generate a strong password using a password generator of 1Password. After the sign-up process, it will automatically save this password in a vault for future login.

1password Website

Apart from saving and using the password, you can also save your personal information and credit card information for fast filling out the personal information form and payment form.


  • Checks weak and compromised passwords and suggests changes
  • It regularly removes the password from the clipboard to ensure the safety
  • AES-256-bit encryption
  • The secure remote password helps to authenticate your master password without sending it over the Internet


  • The price is comparatively high
  • Doesn't allow you to move items from one vault to another directly
  • Headquartered in Canada, a member of the 5 eye alliance


  • Team starter pack: $19.95/month
  • Business: $7.9/month
  • Enterprise: custom quotes


Rating 4.7/5
Best For Businesses and Individual

Bitwarden is an open-source password management tool. It is always a better option to conduct a self-assessment of every product before making the final decision. Bitwarden does provide all the essential features of a password manager but there are some security metrics you need to analyze.
Bitwarden's AI analyzes the vault and looks for weak, reused, and vulnerable passwords to make them even stronger. Since there are always some ups and downs when we compare different products under the same niche, we need to go through all the features.

Bitwarden Website

It provides its plan for individuals as well as businesses to improve their privacy and security. It conducts an extensive list of audits which puts it slightly on the upper side of the competition.


  • Open source code is available to view the vulnerability at all times
  • Zero-knowledge architecture
  • Conduct third-party compliance with privacy shield, GDPR, and CCPA


  • Less appealing user interface
  • A limited number of bitwarden users share confidential information
  • Bitwarden's headquarter is in California, which is a member country of the 5 eyes alliance


  • Team organization: $3/user/month
  • Enterprise organization: $5/user/month

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Rating 4.7/5
Best For Online businesses and Individual

Keeper is a fully cloud-based secret manager. It securely stores all your secret information like API keys, database passwords, certificates, SSH keys, or any other confidential data. Each secret in the vault is encrypted with an AES-256-bit key and each key is further encrypted with AES. It empowers the employee to access the credential, anywhere, anytime.
One timeshare feature of the keeper helps to share confidential information without account creation. Information is shared via a secured link which automatically expires after the time you set, one can access the files on only one device.

Keeper Website

It is a boon for IT companies to secure their database, programming, and other file passwords and easily use them on the go. Millions of users and thousands of enterprises are already using Keeper to store their passwords and other confidential information.


  • Access Manager to assign role-based access and permission
  • Zero-knowledge and cloud-based infrastructure
  • Integration with all IT slack
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Separate vault for family members
  • Dev-ops secret management


  • The free plan is not available
  • Slow customer support


  • Business starter: $2/user/month
  • Business: $3.75/user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom quote

Zoho Vault

Rating 4.3/5
Best For Businesses and Enterprises Users

Zoho Vault is the software provided by the very popular software solution provider, Zoho. It is a password manager that helps to store your passwords, documents, credit card information, SSH keys, and much more.
All the sensitive information is stored in the Zoho data centre in encrypted form with AES-256-bit encryption. Because of advanced security features, affordable price, and ease of use, Zoho vault is a winner of Editor choice password manager.

Zoho Vault Website
Zoho Vault

Whenever the user demands the password, it decrypts the password on the client side. Your master password is only yours, even Zoho doesn't store it.


  • Host proof hosting security pattern
  • Free forever plan with a comprehensive list of features
  • No storage limitations
  • Availability of innovative browser extensions and app
  • Unknown IP is restricted


  • UnIntuitive mini password generator
  • Form filling on the websites is not allowed


  • Free forever: 0
  • Standard: Rs54/user/month
  • Professional: Rs248/user/month
  • Enterprise: Rs432/user/month


Rating 4.0/5
Best For Cloud backups and Multiple Database

LogMeOnce is a US-headquartered company that offers password management services. Apart from other software in this industry, it has a patented QR-based login system. While other providers ask for a master password to log into the account, it offers multiple login options like QR, Selfie, Face, fingerprint, Pin, Password, and Azure. Cloud storage encryption is the additional feature provided by this software that encrypts the files and stored content on the cloud storage sites.

Logmeonce Website


  • Identity theft protection
  • Encryption on cloud storage
  • Passwordless multi-factor authentication
  • Passwordless password management
  • Dark web monitoring


  • Unattractive user interface
  • More than one option for login


  • Team and business: $3/user/month
  • Enterprise: $4/user/month
  • Identity: $7/user/month

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Rating 4.5/5
Best For Individual and Password Tracking

mSecure password manager offers flexibility and security at the same time. Equipped with the bank-level security standard your password and sensitive information are fully secured. You get all the required features you expect from any password manager app, plus some additional features like adding tags to your records and intelligent syncing.
It provides flexibility to share the data which you want to share by creating a separate vault. You can permit users to view, edit, share, or download the shared data.

msecure Website

Some sites like Dropbox ask to scan a QR code for verification when 2FA is on. With mSecure, when you scan this code with a one-time password field, then you can use mSecure to authenticate your Dropbox account in the future.


  • Secure cross-account sharing
  • Biometric unlock for all platforms
  • Industry-standard AES-256-bit encryption
  • Intelligent password syncing via mSecure cloud, Dropbox, iCloud, or wifi.
  • Data merge feature while restoring a backup


  • One can share passwords with only other mSecure users
  • Update related issues


  • Essential: $1.66/month
  • Premium: $2.49/month


Password manager protects data through a series of strong passwords for all accounts and is managed centrally. Passwords protect everything from email to banking, and social media to administration. It is difficult to create and memorise effective passwords for each account that we use and here the role of password manager becomes vital so that passwords and not get venerable therefore it's important to use strong passwords that don't fall into the wrong hands.


How much do password managers cost?

Paid password managers usually cost between $20 and $60 per year for one person to use.

What are the best password managers?

The best password managers to protect your passwords are as follows

  • Roboform
  • Dashlane
  • NordPass
  • LastPass
  • 1Password
  • Bitwarden
  • Keeper
  • Zoho Vault
  • LogMeOnce
  • mSecure

Is a password manager worth it?

Password managers are the safest way to keep track of your passwords, as they allow you to use stronger passwords without needing to memorize anything.

What is the best free password manager?

Bitwarden is one of the best free password managers. It's available across iOS and Android. It also has native desktop applications on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It also integrates with every major browser including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

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