Walmart to hire 1000 people Apply Now

Walmart to hire 1000 people for technology roles in India

According to the report released, the American multinational retail giant Walmart to hire around 1,000 employees for the technology sector in India. This fosters confidence to thousands of aspiring Indians waiting for opportunities. This would create a good rise in the economy of India. The Bentonville based retail company is focusing on technology in order to stand out among its e-commerce rivals including Amazon.

The American retailer has its technology operations in Bengaluru and Gurgaon where it has about 1,800 employees.  At this point, Walmart is looking to expand the company’s headcount by recruiting emerging engineers to work on technology.

Walmart amongst the World’s largest investors of technology which is estimated to spend around $10 billion a year in the IT sector. Moreover due to its never-ending competition from e-commerce equals like Amazon, the Flipkart tied-up retailer is working rigorously in order to get the maximum possible outcome.

”We are more product oriented,” a statement by Clay Johnson, CIO of Walmart. They have taken up whole projects and moved them over to drive Indian ownership of the products. The change in way of spending also explains that Walmart is keen on using technology to drive its competitive advantage.

“A lot of our Internet-of-things work sits in our stores. Moreover, end-to-end products are done here with the sensors and the data are being done here”, he added.

It implies that Walmart doesn’t just want to be the largest technology spender and investor. Although to make sure that it spends on the right technology.

Walmart urge to develop a good customer base after acquiring Flipkart because Amazon is already ruling the Indian e-commerce market. And now, it has decided to hire and offer jobs to Indians thereby establishing a firm mark amongst the customers.

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