MrBeast: Youtube’s First Billionaire - Income Sources and Strategies

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Jan 26, 2023 12 min read
MrBeast: Youtube’s First Billionaire - Income Sources and Strategies

There is one important distinction between humans and animals. Yes, the brain is one department but there is one more magical thing that we cannot unsee. That area is connected and working together. We, humans, are good at it if not the best. If you look at the past of our species, you will notice that most of the most exceptional stuff that we have built or invented was because we could collaborate and connect with others. So, by collaborating, we can create amazing stuff. This thesis is important to keep in mind when we think about the present times. The present times are the time of the internet. Since the invention of computers, we have grown too much and can process data at godspeed. Then came the biggest invention of modern humans, the internet. The Internet is nothing but a connection of computers. A connection that is as big as the number of computers in the world.

The result or consequence of this move has been amazing for the longest time. We are all so connected and can work together from anywhere in the world. The Internet has changed the meaning of collaboration and has added a new facet to the economy. It has built something known as the internet economy, which is the same as the normal economy except for the fact that it is online. Now when there is some economy online, there will be some key players in that market too. YouTube is one of the most famous marketplaces on the internet and has been responsible for creating many key players in the market and of course fortunes. In this article, we talk about one such hero of the internet economy, MrBeast a YouTuber that has been making it to every news possible in the world. He is one of the most famous people on YouTube. He earns millions of money every year from YouTube and gives it all away for video production. Let us see how he is able to pull that off.

Behind the Channel
Multiple Income Sources
Reason Behind MrBeast's Success
Reason Behind MrBeast's Growth


YouTube requires no introduction. It is the most comprehensive, most famous video-sharing website in the world. It is owned by Google, which is responsible for storing the world’s data and making it accessible to the world. What is amazing about YouTube is that it is free and everyone can participate in it, it is a website that gains from the community and grows because of the community and it is only built for the community. It is free and easily accessible from everywhere in the world where there is the Internet. You can find the most educational concentrated videos to the weirdest or dumbest of shit you have ever imagined.

On one side YouTube is for viewing and just having fun, on the other hand, it is making fortunes for some individuals. Individuals who create videos for YouTube, get some rights for the profit from advertisements that YouTube earns.
MrBeast is one of the top performers in this segment, he is amazing in every way possible. To this day, he has been pushing the boundaries of his content curation game and is earning millions. It will not be a surprise that one day he becomes the first YouTube billionaire. This is going to be a really comprehensive article about the income of MrBeast, let us know who this guy is first.


Jimmy Donaldson popularly known as Mr. Beast
Jimmy Donaldson popularly known as Mr Beast

The name of his channel is MrBeast, which is a pseudonym for his name. The guy’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson and he started using YouTube by the time he was twelve-something. He is 24 now and He slogged all these years with fewer views to become one of the biggest channels in the history of YouTube. He just does unbelievable stuff and records it and posts it online as content and people go crazy. If you look at the numbers at which this guy is operating, you will one hundred per cent get a shock. By the way, he is super transparent with the statistics of his channel. He recently launched a physical burger store in an American mall and broke the record for most burgers sold by a single store in a day. If you think this is madness, go over to his YouTube videos and you will see how insane stunts this guy pulls off.

Anyway, all the above-mentioned information is quite normal and you probably would know all this already. What you do not know is the game plan with which MrBeast operates. He earns millions of dollars every month of revenue from YouTube and Google ad sense. He, on the other hand, spends millions of dollars on his videos. So, how come this guy has managed to not go broke by now? As we learn about his game, we will figure all this out in this article. MrBeast is a businessman at the core and has shifted the whole YouTube content game many levels higher. This makes him the most viewed channel and inimitable, to say the least. Let us dive right into how he is able to earn money. What does the process look like? First the process.

Behind the Channel

MrBeast is a YouTube channel, a simple typical YouTube channel. What he does differently is the content that he posts on his channels. He has no niche and each video is worth more than 100 million views. Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast knows too much about content and audience reactions that he is able to spend millions on a single video.
So the process is simple, Beast makes amazing videos (sort of) spends millions of dollars, and gets great views and shares in return. People’s reactions and his large distribution system make him money. His main revenue sources are from the advertisements that run on the videos and sponsorships if any. Once he gets the money that the video generates, he moves on to make another video, again spending millions and repeating the process one more time. Simple, isn’t it?

Now the question arises, how did he reach this significant level of operation? There can be multiple reasons for that, we are going to go through every detail the behind the scenes. Let us see how does his entrepreneurship process look like

A Big Feedback Loop

Ever since this guy, jimmy created his YouTube channel, he is devoted to its analytics. He is devoted to its analytics as a religion. He follows up on every comment, like, and dislike that the viewers give to him. Ever since the beginning, he has been studying and reading and noticing everything about his world. His world is known to us as YouTube. He knows its audience and he knows about their psychology. So the feedback loop is simply this, he uploads a video online and the audience shares some feedback. He looks at the feedback and builds on top of that feedback, thus making better content for the audience. This is how a feedback loop is created and MrBeast knows what the audience wants in disguise.


The word iteration means ‘repetition’. MrBeast is a successful venture not because he is repeating his work or producing some boring content online. The reality is that he is iterating his whole game plan. In every video, he goes all in. He spends all his money and assets to create some video that the world has never seen before. This way he goes all in and people get some epic content online. This strategy of going all in tells us that Mr Beast does not really care about money. In some videos he was giving away millions of dollars, in another, he gave away a whole freaking island. All he cares about is making content that the work has never seen before. That is what drives this YouTube creator to push limits every time in his videos. That is iteration, a repetition of the habit of going all in to create something.

Multiple Income Sources

One of the most asked questions on the internet is about the income of YouTube creators. YouTube has not given any clear answer to this in any blog and it also depends from region to region. Now Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast has to face some similar questions from his audience. Everyone wants to know how he can afford to give away this expensive stuff just for a video for YouTube. This is a valid question and MrBeast has been often seen talking about this topic. He is a simple guy with some really dope never dying motivation to create mind-blowing content. In this paragraph, we will discuss how he is earning money.

Youtube Ads

It is not a surprising fact that the first income for MrBeast is from Youtube ads. The numbers on his YouTube videos are nothing short of mind-blowing. Every time he pushes the boundaries of content on the platform, people react with similar views, likes, shares, and comments. All that effort that he puts into creating these epic videos is worth it in the end when the audience reacts in a beautiful manner. So the first income source is YouTube revenue that the company provides to the creator as advertising benefits.

As we all know that YouTube is owned by Google and google can help people monetize ads on their content. So it is synonymous with ad revenue. In other words, when you click on a MrBeast video, there will definitely be some videos that will pop up in between the video. Those in between videos are advertisements that pay for the audience these videos garner. Now we see that google ad sense or advertising revenue is the first income source of Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast. This income source is one of the primary reasons why MrBeast is able to afford such expensive videos.


YouTube revenue or google ad sense revenue is not the only revenue source for MrBeast. There are many down there that most people don’t even know of. Here we will discuss the second income source. The second income source is from sponsorships. Once a person or a creator is able to garner a lot of hype and views, they become special. Every business wants them to speak about them in a good manner. This is where the sponsorships come into the picture. Examples might include Square's pace and skill share, All these companies are famous for scoring sponsorships with YouTube content creators. Sponsorship is a good way of advertising to the audience to view. It is seen that most people who view content, do not want to see ads but sponsorship that are integrated into the video gets views.

In the case of MrBeast, he uses innovation in this matter too. He very smartly brings up the name of the sponsors during the video which increases brand visibility. In return, Jimmy gets some commission out of the sales or sometimes it is a one-time fee. So we see that this is the second source of income for MrBeast who is famous all over YouTube. Companies can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for just some mention in the video. This is the power of distribution and the benefits that are reaped by creators like MrBeast.

Merchandise Sells

These sources seem never-ending but that’s good. Mr Beast sits in a very special position with his distribution. He has a very big audience. An audience that is crazy for him and super loyal, to say the least. MrBeast’s third income source is the merchandise that he sells. For a person who is as big as Jimmy on YouTube, it is a great business to start. Merchandise is some sort of stuff/clothes that is specifically connected with creators like MrBeast. He has his clothing line and it is supported by most of his audience built on the internet.

The Burger Restaurant

The next way of earning revenue is something really different. Every few people have done this in the past. MrBeast has recently started a burger chain. The burger restaurant that goes by the name of ‘MrBeast Burgers' is a whole different game after all. It offers everything from burgers to chocolates, covered in his name and branding. On the first day of opening in the American mall, Jimmy was serving his first full day. The first opening was so full of rage that it broke some records too. The opening broke the record for the most selling burgers by a single joint in the world. At this speed, Mr Beast seems unstoppable. He also has chocolates in Walmarts all over America. All these sources are the fuel on which this guy runs and powers his content game on the internet.

Reason Behind MrBeast's Success

MrBeast spends around Six hundred thousand dollars per month on rent, employees, and other regular stuff. In a tweet, he even mentioned that by the first half of the year 2020, he has already spent 10 million dollars on content creation and work. In one report, Forbes magazine even estimated that this guy earns over Ten Million dollars every year. In another report it is mentioned that he earns about 1.2 million dollars from Google AdSense, that too each month. Every month he garners about 600 million views every month across all internet platforms. His sponsorship income of Jimmy has been estimated at around 8 hundred thousand dollars. All these numbers are just insane and beyond expectations.

Reason Behind MrBeast's Growth

Feedback Loop

Feedback is a great way to look at MrBeast's empire. He takes it very seriously and acts upon it. He views the views of his content and tries to change and edit it in a way that is liked and clicked by consumers. He sees this process as scientifically as he can. Every like, every view, every comment, he analyzes it. He even ponders about the thumbnails that are going to be used in his videos.

Total devotion

Jimmy is just totally devoted to creating content and he goes all in every single time. In every video that you can look at on his YouTube channel, you will notice that the bar this guy has set is not a low bar. He just wants to create content that the world has never seen before and will never see in the future too. He is just going out and doing what most people could call insanity.


MrBeast has fans. He has a lot of fans and the best about each one of them is that they are devoted to him. They watch him doing everything on YouTube with great attention. MrBeast is honest with his YouTube content, which is liked by his audience. Another fact is that MrBeast is just super purpose-driven and that is a super likeable trait in a human. So his audience is not just fans, they are his super fans. They support his every venture and make it successful.

Purpose Driven

Not to mention, Jimmy is super purpose driven. He does not care about money. He just wants to create content that the world has never seen before. In doing so, he uses all his resources and even goes out of his way many times.


Go watch his YouTube videos, and you will notice that this guy is inimitable. He is just insane and his video topics cannot be copied. What you see in the modern-day internet is that everyone tries to ride the content wave and copy the most famous trend. On the other hand, MrBeast creates his own trend. Whatever he creates has so much effort that cannot be just copied. This makes Jimmy inimitable and creates a great spot for him to grow.


MrBeast makes fantastic videos that are full of unreal stuff. He is transparent with his audience, he knows them very well and pushes the boundaries of content every time. With all these real efforts, MrBeast is managing to build a monopoly in this market. He has super fans and his efforts cannot be copied by any means whatsoever. This makes the entry barrier too high for people to enter his territory. Which is the definition known as a monopoly in the real world. After all the efforts he puts in, he deserves this all.


Jimmy Donaldson started his YouTube channel as a gaming vlog before shifting to "stupid challenges" that quickly went viral and earned him millions of followers. In 2017, he started the 'MrBeast Challenge', providing money and charity donations to positively impact communities across the world. He has recently ventured into entrepreneurship with his apparel company Team Trees, which is helping plant 20 million trees worldwide with the help of 50 partner organizations.

With over 100 million subscribers, MrBeast has become both a pop culture icon and a modern-day billionaire, fulfilling his dreams one challenge at a time. Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast, is nothing short of an amazing entrepreneur. With all his efforts. He spends millions, earns millions, and then again goes all in, every time in each of his videos. Pushing the boundaries of his content that has grown all over the internet. He is one insanely driven personality.

According to a Forbes report, Jimmy Donaldson will soon become the first billionaire who is made on YouTube. The video-sharing platform, YouTube has never seen such wonder before in its history. For players like Jim, The internet has proven to be a stage to showcase what they are made from and how they can just shine.  He spends about 1.5 million a video. As you read this, in the last 90 days Beast has had 300 million unique people watch their videos. This is regular stuff for MrBeast but some insane numbers for us. In the end, he is just a guy who is driven.


How many subscribers does MrBeast have on YouTube?

MrBeast currently has 112 Million subscribers on YouTube.

What is the net worth of MrBeast?

The net worth of MrBeast is $56 Million.

What is the Real name MrBeast?

Jimmy Donaldson is the man behind MrBeast.

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