How Zomato is Handling the Recent Delivery Controversy

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Mar 14, 2021 4 min read
How Zomato is Handling the Recent Delivery Controversy

Zomato is an online food-delivery startup. Their services are available in 24 countries and around 10,000 cities. There was a recent allegation against a delivery executive of the company by Hitesha Chandranee from Bengaluru. She made an allegation against a Zomato delivery executive and shared some videos on social media explaining the allegation.

The Allegation
The Plea
Zomato's Response

The Allegation

In the first video, Hitesha Chandranee said that her Zomato delivery was late. She was talking to the customer care executive of Zomato regarding the order being arrived late. She pointed to her nose which was bleeding and said that while she was talking with the customer care executive, the delivery man hit her nose and ran away.

Hitesha Chandranee uploaded another video on her Instagram profile which gave a detailed explanation of what actually happened. She said that she was working from morning and ordered food from Zomato around 3.30 pm. The delivery was supposed to be made by 4.30 pm.

Since the delivery hadn't arrived on time, she was following up with the customer care executives. She was explaining to the customer care executives to cancel the order or to provide free delivery for her order.

She later told the delivery executive the same when he had reached with the order. She told him that she was talking to the customer care executive and didn't wanted to receive the order as it was too late.

She said that the delivery executive started shouting at her, asking her whether he was her slave. In the video, she said that she tried closing the door and the delivery executive pushed the door, snatched the delivery package from her hand, punched her and ran away.

The Plea

The Zomato Delivery executive Kamraj spoke to the media. He said that after he reached her apartment, he handed over the order to Hitesha Chandranee and was expecting to be paid because the mode of payment was COD.

He also told that, he had apologized for the delivery being late and explained to her that it was because of the traffic and bad roads in Bengaluru. He said that, Hitesh Chandranee was very rude from the beginning, and asked him why he was late. Even after the apology she kept on insisting that the delivery was supposed to reach within 45-50 minutes.

Kamraj then said that she had taken the food from him and refused to pay for it. She told him that she was speaking to the customer support and in fear of losing his money, he begged her to pay for the order. And it was at this moment she started shouting and calling him a slave and asked him what he could do.

At that time the Zomato customer care informed Kamraj that the order has been canceled at the request of the customer and he had asked her to return the food. He said that she did not cooperate and because of her actions he decided to leave the apartment without taking the food.

When he was walking towards the lift, she started using abusive words in Hindi and threw her slippers at him and started hitting him. And to defend himself from the ongoing attack he shielded himself using his hands. She then hit herself on her nose with her ring accidentally while trying to move his hand.

Kamraj said that she did not let him go through the lift and he ran down to the third floor. He said that he had called up the Zomato support system executive in Delhi and explained the incident.

Number of orders received by Zomato
Number of orders received by Zomato 

Zomato's Response

As soon as the first video was uploaded by the woman, Zomato’s official Twitter handle had responded saying that a local representative from the company would get in touch with her. They said that they would help her with the police investigation.

Zomato took quick actions. They made a statement saying that the delivery executive was delisted from the app and they empathized and apologised for the incident.

After hearing the delivery executive’s plea, the co-founder of the application has said that they are providing support to both of them to ensure that both sides of the story are heard.

The co-founder of Zomato Deepinder Goyal said that they are in touch with the woman and is covering her medical expenses and helping her with the case. He confirmed that they have temporarily removed access of Kamraj towards the application but they are covering his earnings while the case is going on. They are also covering his legal expenses.


Zomato has said that Kamraj had made 5,000 deliveries for them and is one of the top delivery executives in the app with a average rating of 4.75/5 star. They said that he had been working with them for 26 months. Deepinder Goyal also reminded the public that these were facts and not an opinion. They have provided the information for record purposes.


What is the salary of Zomato delivery boy?

Delivery boys earn approximately between ₹ 25,000 per month, depending on factors such as the number of deliveries completed and the distance they cover.

Who is the founder of Zomato?

Deepinder Goyal is the founder and CEO of Zomato.

What is Zomato's valuation?

As of January 2020, Zomato's valuation is $3 billion.

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