Checklist for Hiring Remote Employees - Everything that you need to do

Alan Joseph Alan Joseph
Mar 11, 2021 5 min read
Checklist for Hiring Remote Employees - Everything that you need to do

The rise of the global pandemic and the lockdowns implemented around the world had forced every organization to implement work from home culture. Even though the situations are becoming normal, most of the organizations are continuing work from home for the safety of their employees.

Hiring a remote employee can be quite a tedious task and would require the employer to understand certain skillsets and the mindset of the candidates.

Here is a checklist you should consider while hiring remote employees.

Quick responses
Communication skills
Showing results
Time management
Being independent
Giving a test project
Prior experience

Quick responses

Keep an eye on how quickly the candidate responds to the mail and follow up regarding the selection rounds. If he takes some days to respond to the emails or if you find that the candidate hasn’t followed up regarding the job, it shows that he is not much interested in the work profile.

If the Candidate is motivated and loves the job profile, the candidate would be waiting for the emails and would check their email on a regular basis.

If the email hasn’t been received the candidate would follow up regarding the process to know the results. This would show how interested they are to work for the company and job profile and how motivated they are.

Communication skills

A remote employee will have to communicate with other members of the team. Unlike the normal employee and remote employees will have to communicate over emails or other applications which are provided by the company.

You should make sure that the candidate has good written and oral communication skills. If the hired employee has poor communication skills there will be a problem to effectively communicate. The productivity and the quality of the work would reduce.

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Time management

Time management is one of the basic and most important skills necessary for a remote employee. A remote employee should be able to manage his time and make sure he’ll be able to finish the assigned work on time. The employee will have to handle his personal and professional life in a systematic way.

You should make sure that the employee can differentiate between the personal and professional life and able to manage the time accordingly and not mix both.

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Being independent

You should make sure that your remote employee is independent. The employee should be able to do his research and able to complete his works at the given time.
At times when there is a problem to communicate, the employee should be able to work on his own without depending on anyone else. An independent remote employee can be an asset to the company.

Giving a test project

You can give your candidates a test project according to the domains they have applied for. Apart from the technical and interpersonal skills, you can’t hire someone without knowing their skills and knowledge in the specific work domain they have applied for.

Giving a test project also provides you with an idea of how they would be able to manage their time, keep up the deadline, the quality of their work, and a basic idea of their productivity. It would help you understand how their work would be without actually working with them.

Giving a test would help you understand whether he meets the criteria of the remote employee you are looking for.

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Prior experience

Candidates with prior experience as remote employees would have the required discipline and motivation to complete the work. They will require very little training and will be able to meet all the above criteria.

Prior experience is a sign that the candidate has the organizational skills which is required to work effectively. Depending on candidates who have prior experience would help in reducing the risks.

Showing results

A remote employee should be oriented in finishing his tasks. A remote employee wouldn’t have a supervisor or anyone to look over him on a daily basis. The employee should be responsible enough to make sure he performs.

He should take action and show the results and not just log in for the work every day. You should make sure you would hire an employee who is a person who takes actions and shows results.

During the interview, you should make sure you get to know about the employee's past experiences and the results he has obtained from those experiences.


What are the best jobs to work remotely?

Teacher, Data Entry, Coding, Medical Billing, Web Developer, Graphic Designer and Freelance Writer are the best jobs to work remotely.

Are remote workers less productive?

Various studies proved that employees felt more productive and more engaged with remote work than work from the office.

Which two tools are most useful to remote employees?

Video Conferencing and Productivity or Project Management Tools are most useful for remote employees.


Finding the ideal remote employees can be hard. But, through the right approach and proper screening process, you will be able to find your desired employees. Even after finding the right employees, you should be able to communicate effectively and ensure that you keep them motivated.

Providing them with the right environment, conducting frequent virtual meetings, virtual team building programme, following up regularly, ensuring that their remuneration is on time, etc. All these would make the employees stay motivated and would make them work collectively in building the company.

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